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Grunge in a Dress.

I cannot believe another month is gone and this year is almost half-way through. Though I celebrated a milestone birthday this month, plus my husband's birthday, 1/3rd of it was spent at the hospital so I am glad a new month is starting and technically it is the first month of Summer so Happy June and Happy June 1st - Children's International Day! I love my child so much and we will be joining her little party celebration at her daycare, a little later today.

Ohh, and if you like to do a Vacation or Traveling-based Guest Post for me next week, shoot me an e-mail. My address is
This Outfit is another result of cooler Spring days, around here. This easy, popover shirtdress hasn't been worn since I was 9 months pregnant, if I am correct (and yes, it did fit then because it is an empire-waist and I never got really huge either lol). It somehow got lost in my closet which happens when you have a ton of clothes. I did something different with it and went for …