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Deep Red Shirtdress and Pale Pink Ruffled Cardigan.

Hello All. It is Tuesday & the weather cooled off a little bit around here. Fine with me, because in my opinion it got too hot too soon. It is still warm enough to wear Dresses & Skirts - which I have done a lot lately, including today. Mom, Business Woman & Fashionista Heather declared this week Dresses Week, she will be remixing/wearing several Dresses from her closet. I had pre-scheduled yesterday's post. However I decided to follow her and show you Dresses I have worn lately, for the rest of this week. While Stylish & Sexy Londyn is dedicating this week to Skirts. Well, I am showing you Dresses this week & Skirts next week. God knows I have a ton of each and wear them a lot. I have declared it many times before that I am a Dresses+Skirts Girl all the way, I prefer them to Pants. Both these Ladies always Dress to Impress & they are two of My Most Favorite Bloggers whom I read daily so I am happy to be following along. =)

Lately, I have browsed my closet …