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Floral Midi Skirt Week: White Floral Skirt a little Girly+Sporty.

Today is day two of my Floral Midi Skirts and today's Skirt is almost the opposite of yesterday's. Yesterday you got a Dressy Silk Floral Skirt in a Black Background. Today you get a Casual (but it can be dressed up) Cotton Floral Skirt in a White Background. Earlier this month I got a new camera and most of my photos have been outdoors now. This outfit was shot with my half-broken old camera though and indoors. The picture quality is poor. I am sorry. This outfit is too cute not to share though, and I have a few more outfits that were taken with my old camera, which I have yet to blog. Please bear with me - thanks in advance!
Late Summer last year I did a 30 for 30 challenge and this was one of the 4 Skirts I had chosen to remix. I ended up with perhaps 42-43 Outfits in my entire remix. I actually wore this Skirt 6 times (4 of those outfits were blogged). From a White Graphic Tee, a B+W Floral Tank, to Blue and Red on top, those were some of the options I paired this Lovely S…