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Currently, May 2019.

Yeay, it's May!! My Birthday month. Taurus season. The month of Emerald stones, cherry blossoms, lots of sunshine, warmed-up weather, brave women and strong moms - some of us do the mom thing every day, all on our own. Give yourself a High-Five, smile at your image in the mirror, be brave, stay kind and do great things this May. You got this!! And now let's join ANNE of Anne in Residence for her monthly "Currently" themed linkup. Happy May 2019 you all!! 

admiring:The Rain we have been having. Yes, it can make one dreary, unhappy and in a bad mood, but we all appreciate a pretty rainbow, as well as the grass getting prettier and greener and the flowers blooming - soon. I particularly cannot wait for tulips to bloom and find a field of tulips close by us to go to, spend a few hours at and take in all of its beauty and take lots of pictures, of course. As much as I hate how dirty my car stays (on the outside) especially living on a dirt street and all, in general I am a…