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Flirty Skirts of Summer - Part Three.

Yesterday we spent the day at the Largest Christmas store in the world Bronners, which lucky for us is a little over an hour away from where we live. I was there with Vivian and my parents. It was Vivian's first time. Her eyes were lit up with joy, there was so much for her to see and explore. She wanted to run all over the place and she liked several of the ornaments. It was hard taking pictures with her, though. She wanted to do her own thing and didn't want any photos. I think that's the case with most 2-year olds and toddlers in general, no? Anyway, if you are a big Christmas fan like me, you would love Bronners. We ended up buying a couple new ornaments for Vivian, for this year, a Baby's First Christmas one for my nephew, a couple of platters, a Christmas doll and some salt+pepper shakers. Had we had more money to spend, we could have bought a lot more. The place is fantastic but also very expensive. We personalized all the children's ornaments though, which …