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Hot Pink, Striped, Grandpa Cardigan Layered Up.

Layers yesterday, layers today. Rainy weather Outfit yesterday, rainy-to-dry weather Outfit today. Both times I bundled up. Both times I wore Winter White, but I spiced things up, first with Red and now with Hot Pink. Valentine Week continues My Friends. Today, I have on my Hot Pink+Dove Gray, Striped, Grandpa Cardigan by Express, and even some Pink Studs on the ears. A little bit of Pattern-Mixing between the Cardigan and the Gingham Scarf as well as the Leopard Boat Shoes. I have worn this Navy Gingham Scarf with Hot Pink before, when I was pregnant. Navy looks great with Pink, especially the Brighter Pinks. Vivian's Hoodie Cardigan has Hot Pink+White Stripes, matching Mama's. ;-) What do you think? I will finish Valentine Week with a bang though. Stay tuned for a special post coming on February 14th. =) Thank you.
Winter White Faux Fur Vest w/ Elastic Band/Belt Detail & Gold Hardware: Pelinki (New). Fuchsia+White, Stripped, Grandpa Cardigan w/ Pockets: Express. Navy & …