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Weekend Wants: Toddler Girl Winter Style.

How was your weekend you all?! One more full weekend left in 2016, after this one. Hard to believe another year is vanished. 

For you moms with toddlers out there, don't you love shopping for your little ones more than for yourself?! I do. There are so many cute things at the stores for my sweet little girl, I can go crazy if I can't contain myself. Two stores I can always count on, for her clothes are Gap and Old Navy. Their baby, toddler and children lines are adorable. Currently I am eyeing lots of sweaters, sweater dresses, shoes, hats+gloves and coats from them. I noticed, when I put the collage, together that there were three colors dominating: red, pink, ivory and gray. Those are all great colors for little girls so I don't mind. I would love to add some of these to my daughter's closet. Loving in particularly the critter loafers, red peacoat, star sweater, reindeer sweater, the set of the heart beanie with mittens, the striped dress with red hearts and the paten…