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Ruffled Blazer over Sweater Dress and an Update.

Hello everyone and I hope it is a Happy Monday and Great Start to the week for all of you! I want to start today's post by updating you on how I feel. I am still a little sick. My body is still aching and my cough is still very rough, but I no longer have fever and I am a little more rested. Vivian is also still coughing but for the most part her fever is gone too and she is back to being the tiny energizer bunny that she is. My husband (who was also sick) is doing much better and will be going to work today. Vivian & I are on day 6 of medications and antibiotics. We plan on not going out at all at least for a couple more days. So pajamas are perfect for me these days, though it will be business as usual on the blog. It is a good thing I always have so many backed up Outfits. Thank you to all of you who were truly concerned and wrote, some of you even E-Mailed me. Also, Thank you so much on the compliments on my last post wearing My New Red Dress. You definitely put a smile on…