Friday, November 30, 2012

Casual... Pirate?!

Hello All and TGIF!! Another week is biting the dust. Though each one of my work days has seemed long to me (especially since the 28th and the 29th were National Holidays, for which we were NOT closed), looking into it now I cannot believe it is Friday so it looks like another brief week. I am tired though today, and quite sleepy. The gray, rainy weather doesn't help either.  I am leaving work a couple hours earlier and I think I will take a two-hour nap or so.

This is an Ecru or Off-White Non-Materntity Top I purchased a few weeks ago but because it is sort of a tunic and it has an Empire-waist I thought it would work for me, now. I also think is chic & comfy and I love the little flower detail on the neckline. The top comes with the little skinny belt. I added more brown accessories through my boots & scarf (which I tied to turn into an Infinity Scarf). But this outfit is sort of looking a little Pirate-sque to me, I don't know why. Oh well I was very comfortable and laid-back for a Casual Friday.

Off-White, Cotton Tunic w/ 3D Flowers by the Neckline & Skinny Brown Belt: Gruppo Fiori.
Brown-on-Brown, Geometric-Print, Light, Gauzy Cotton Scarf: Random Boutique in Tirana.
Black, Stretchy, Skinny Corduroy Pants: White House Black Market.
Small, Silver, Bird, Drop Earrings: Parfois.
Silver Ring w/ Long Oval-Shaped Orange Stone: Kohl's.
Brown, Soft Leather, Slouchy Boots: Diba.
P.S. I am linking today's outfit with Thirty Five Designs Casual Friday, since this is a casual work look worn on a Friday.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Layred in Pink and Olive.

I will keep this short and sweet today since I want to leave work very soon and move on to the planned outfit for Today's Fashion Post. Sometimes I like to dress up jeans for work and these Maternity jeans are dark enough plus a trouser style, sort of dressier than regular jeans. I love how I paired the loose ruffly silk blouse with the light pink cardigan. I have never paired an Olive Green with a Light Pink before, but I think these two work because the top has Gray undertones. A ponytail for an easy updo. I like my simple jewelry here. It matches the colors of both of my tops, yet not an exact match. =)

P.S. It's almost the weekend. Plus wow one more day left of November. Got any plans?

Baby Pink, Chiffon-Trimmed Cardigan w/ Pearls & a Floral Vine Off the Collar: Gruppo Fiori.
Gray & Ivory, Spider-Print, Silk Chiffon, Ruffly Top: Bebe.
Dark, Wide-Legged, Maternity Blue Jeans: Oh Baby by Motherhood.
Silver Chain, Dainty Necklace w/ a Teardrop Shaped Baby Blue Stone: Kohl's.
Olive Green/Smoke, Big, Square Stud Earrings: White House Black Market.
Olive Green, Simple, Linen-Blend Scarf: Gruppo Fiori.
Black, Suede Leather, Light Loafers, Featuring a Buckle Detail: St. John's Bay (JC Penney).

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Albania's Independence in Red and Black!!

Let me start this post today by wishing all Albanians in the world and My Home Country of Albania, A Very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Prosperous and Beautiful Birthday and may we celebrate 10000 more anniversaries like this!
(This is our Flag, simple but beautiful, I think.)
(Google even dedicated a Doodle for us in Our Honor, Today. I am not sure if you can see it from USA if you go to, but it is definitely visible in Europe.)
Even-though we are one of the oldest countries in the world, we have been through a lot, including too many wars. Only on November 28th 1912, one of the Heroes of Our Country named Ismail Qemali (or known to the people as Ismail Bej Vlora), signed the Declaration of Independence and Waived Our Red & Black Flag for the world to see, over a balcony, surrounded by other leaders and overlooking the thousands of people gathered for this event, in Vlora - Albania. So the city of Vlora is known for one of our country's biggest historic events up to date. But today the whole country of Albania, plus Kosovo is celebrating with us!!
And in honor of my country and our colors, I am wearing Red & Black today (as if I would wear any other colors). You will get to see today's outfit some days later. I will also take a ton of photos today of the decorations and festivities going on, over here and have a special post with those photos. Tirana - the capital of Albania (where I live) - and Vlora are doing the most activities this entire week and are also decorated the most, in Red & Black. There is even a 4-ton cake that has been made for all the people to share and eat! However today I have compiled a few Colages of outfits (20 outfits to be exact) I have worn in Red & Black - this is a Fashion Blog, after all. This happens to be a Favorite Color Combination of mine, and even better if I feel and look patriotic anytime I pair these colors together. Plus Red is My Ultimate Most Favorite Color. Which one(s) are your favorite outfits from the bunch?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pumpkin Ale.

Hi All. How was your Tuesday? Mine was busy, work-loaded, boring, uneventful. I left work half an hour later than I was supposed to and had to wait 20 minutes for the bus to leave and then another 15 minutes for the other bus I take. Ahhh the joys of public transportation in a big city!! And this big city was crazier (in a good way) than ever, today/tonight. The capital of Albania (Tirana) where I live is preparing for the biggest day in the History, tomorrow. See tomorrow on November 28th we celebrate 100 years of Independence. You can imagine the festive atmosphere and all the events going on here, due to this. The entire center of the down-town is covered with our beautiful flags as well as lots of Black & Red - our country's colors. And about 50 of the biggest pastry chefs of Albania are currently working to finish up the big, 2 ton-weight cake that will be displayed tomorrow at a special sculpture display, in front of our National Museum and they will cut it and whoever passes by there (I mean any random by-passer, any pedestrian) can have a piece. I cannot wait to see how the cake will look like and of course I will take photos of it. I am sure it will taste good, too. Ohh and I will be rocking some Red & Black tomorrow, for sure. ;-)

Anyway, after all this history for you, I am moving on to today's outfit that I call Pumpkin Ale where I wore this Lovely, Bright Orange Dress with some Black & some Brown. I love the results. And this outfit does remind me a lot of Fall and a lot of Pumpkin Ale - which is a great beer and a beer I love (though I am not much of a beer drinker). I love the crystal Statement Necklace I paired with this outfit too and even my bold Magenta-Red Lips. The only light color mixed here is that Light Beige/Ivory belt I got on clearance sometime this Spring but had never worn yet. Look here how I wore this dress, differently, earlier this year in the Spring, when I wasn't pregnant. =) Which of the two looks you like best?

Long-Sleeve, Soft Cotton, A-line, Orange Dress: H+M.
Camel, Linen/Cotton Blend, Belted, Open Cardigan: Victoria's Secret.
Black, Seamless, Nylon Camisole: The Limited.
Black & Mustard, Printed, Silk Scarf: The Limited.
Circle, Black, Jet Crystal Necklace + Circle, Black, Jet Crystal (Matching) Earrings: White House Black Market.
Skinny, Silk, Black Headband Featuring 3 Small Rosettes: The Limited.
Ivory/Beige, Faux Leather Belt: Piazza Italia.
Dark Brown, Soft Knit, Sweater Tights: Golden Point.
Brown, Soft Leather, Slouchy Boots: Diba.

P.S. I am linking today's outfit with Glamamom for Monday's Mingle. Technically this is Monday's outfit so it is perfect for the linkup. Plus you can link on Mondays and you have all week. ;-)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Wishful Shopping: Express - Part 1.

In honor of Cyber Monday I got another slew of Beautiful Tees, Dressy Tops, Everyday Shirts, Sophisticated Jackets, Cozy Cardigans and Fun Vests, today, all from another Favorite store of mine - Express. Once again, this is just a Wish List, though truth be told, If I could, I would buy these all. =) Which pieces below are your favorites?

You girls know by now I love multiples. I love the little pocket detail by the left side of the chest on all the left-side & middle tees. The ones on the left are the same tee, one in a Beautiful Bright Green & the other one in a Very Soft Mint color. The cotton looks so soft & comfortable, too. The middle top one is in a Beautiful Hot Pink - I don't own any Henley-style tees in this color from what I recall. And I love the lace palette. And then we have the stripped Red & White one, it has stripes plus red, enough to sell me one. All these four tees have the cute cuffed/rolled sleeves too. Then the Tees on the right are also the same tee, one in a Soft Mint & the other one in a Very Subtle Beige/Ivory Leopard Print. I love the loose V-neck style & the little studs/metallic buttons (perhaps) over one sleeve.
 This group of Sexy Tees features Animal Prints & Stripes, two of my Most Favorite Prints. First, on the left we have a Zebra Sweatshirt with 3/4 Sleeves, that is quite dressy, girly, not your typical sweatshirt. Then on the bottom we have a see-through, Sexy, Fitted Leopard Tee in Black & White, which would look so good under a Black or Colored Blazer. In the Middle, on top we have a Heather Gray, Alligator-print tee, same as the Leopard one, but I am loving the more subtle colors. The bottom one has a cool Tie Dye Blue Pattern that sort of looks like Stripes, Bold & Cool, it has the colors of the Ocean. That Scoop-Neck Beige, Stripped Tee is a very versatile, everyday piece. And last but not least the bottom right is a Sexy, Dressy, Python-print Tee with Loop, Cut-out Shoulders.
 These gorgeous Cold Weather items all feature Fur (faux), so Cozy, Warm, Trendy & Perfect for Winter. I am especially loving the 2 Brown Cardigans, they are Gorgeous. One has a Cool, Winter Pattern & the other one is Belted & Crocheted. The all-fur vest & coat are similar. The vest is in the IT Color of the moment - Oxblood, while the coat is in Black, which means it is always IN, fashion-wise. And I am particularly loving that bold Red, Sweater Pea-Coat with its Fun Buttons & Hoodie. Stunning & Bright to beat those Winter Blues.
 I love a Dolman sleeve or a Kimono-style top. All these are a little bit different yet similar, all in Bright Jewel Tones. The Hot Pink one is great with the ruched banding on the bottom. I have two exactly like it in Black & in White (from a different store). I like the middle one because it is Blue-on-Blue Stripes & it is See-through, which means I can wear a neutral, or even a bright color cami underneath it. The Mustard V-Neck one is very similar to a Dolman Express Top I was wearing today. This one made it to the list not just because of the Style, but because it is Mustard - duhh. And last I love the color of that last top between a Dark Blue & a Teal & I think this one is the most versatile of them all & would look great with skinny jeans (regular jeans or colored ones).
 Express, has been doing these (Minus the) Leather Blazers and Vests for the last 3 years or so and this Fall/Winter Season they do not disappoint either; they came up with more great styles. I went for more neutral colors here, like Blacks & Beiges. The only one that is not 'Leather' is the bottom left which is a Classic, Khaki, Work Blazer. As far as the rest goes, though I love them all, my favorites are the Fitted, Black, Moto Jacket, the Sexy, Gold, Moto Jacket & the Camel, Zippered Jacket.
 This is my Purples & Blues group filled with beautiful pieces in these Strong, Bold, Gorgeous, Year-Around Colors. Let's start with the top row: 1st I love the Dark Purple Cardigan, it is long enough to wear over leggings or skinnies. Secondly, I love the Water-Color pattern of that Silky Top which can work for your job, a night out or can be casual enough to wear with jeans to the movies. Its short sleeves are the perfect length. Then we have a Blue/Teal, Soft & Light Open Cardigan, great for Spring. In the middle row there is another beautiful, long cardigan between a Turquoise & a Teal, I love that it is open yet it sort of has a fold-over neckline, it is definitely Sleek & Chic. That middle top sure has a Sexy, Draped Back; but it is covered up in a Boat-neck style in the front, I love that it is Navy, a little more mystic, also less expected than Black. The Floral Dark Blue blouse has a Cute, Purple Floral print, quite girly because of the style, material & flowers. The bottom row we start up with that Thick, Cozy. Cardigan in Black & Purple, which is so Fitted but Comfortable on the back. In the middle we have a Beautiful, Classic, Grape-colored T-Shirt Blouse in two fabrics (love the Silk top of it). Last but not least a Gorgeous Black & Blue Patterned Sweater in a Funky Pattern sort of Fair Isle. I love its collar and sleeve-length.

Layers in Gray and Gold.

Ahhh it has been a crazy, hectic Monday and because of this I am really short on words today. While I wish you all a Fantastic New Week, I am moving on to a Casual Outfit worn on Friday (not to work). This is simple layers with some pops of color (mostly gold). I did my signature headband and a pair of studs, I added a scarf and I was out of the door.

Charcoal Gray, 3/4-Sleeve Maternity Flyaway Cardigan: Oh Baby, by Motherhood.
Hot Pink & Metallic Gold, Comfortable, Stretchy, Long-Sleeve, Stripped Tee: Express.
Black, Elastic Synthetic Leggings w/ Zippers off the Side: Express.
Black & Mustard, Printed, Silk Scarf: The Limited.
Olive Green/Smoke, Big, Square Stud Earrings: White House Black Market.
Braided, Knotted, Silk Woven, Silk Gold Headband: Pacific Sunwear.
Cognac Brown, Leather, Riding Boots: Payless.
P.S. I am linking up with Molly's Yolo Mondays and Patti's Visible Mondays.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week's Best Looks: November 25th 2012.

Welcome to the 4th installment of My "Week's Best Looks". How was your week so far? How did you celebrate Thanksgiving? Did you do any shopping this weekend and how was the weekend?

This week in general was light in outfit posts, in the Blogging world. It's understandable, since most people relaxed, cooked and a lot of you were off so comfy house clothes were indeed worn. I was still able to find some beautiful outfits from this week though. These 6 ladies managed to do something unique, pretty, fashionable and what I like, this week. 3 of the faces are new to this feature while the other 3 are stylish ladies you have seen before. =) I hope you like what I choose and that you too, take inspiration from all this week's looks.

This Week's Lovely Looks include
(from top to bottom, left to right):

Aulona mixes her Browns and her Leathers (skirt, purse & booties) with a Retro, Eyelet, White Blouse, Trendy Military Blazer and Dark Tights. As always her Jewelry matches well.
Skylette wears a Classic Black Blazer with a 2-toned Silk Coral Blouse, a Gorgeous Silver Rhinestone Necklace, Distressed Jeans and a Mixture of Leopard Accessories (belt & pumps).
Jessica calls this outfit Winter Mint and she is right because it sort of reminds me of Winter White and that is exactly the Color of her Gorgeous Coat. Her Polka-Dot Sweater and Camel Gloves add to the Outdoor Sophisticated Look.
Megan is wearing sort of a Monochromatic Look with 2 Bold Colors next to each other in the Color Spectrum: Teal and Cobalt. Her Layered Dress with the Open Cardigan look so Funky Awesome!
Kate is wearing a Cute California-style Dress Winterized with Gray Booties and a Dark Cardigan. Her Chunky Silver Necklace makes the look more Girly and Dresses it up more.
Keely is wearing a Beautiful Black and Red Stripped Cowl-neck Sweater with a Long Pendant Necklace which I love and Simple Black Skinnies. Her Little Lace Socks look Lovely too.

And My Own Favorite Look this week:
This is a very simple look consisting of my Comfortable Black Maternity Pants and a Gorgeous Red Sweater. It is that Fringe Leopard Scarf that makes it much Prettier and Rich and my Headband is Girly, too.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Baby Story: 30 Weeks... plus Comfy Layers.

2 virtual friends & 2 acquintances gave birth this week. One of my friends lives in Chicago and she gave birth to a gorgeous Baby Girl whom she named Prisila Elvia (a reference to Priscila & Elvis Prestley I am guessing!? =P). Her baby girl is so cute. She has chubby cheeks, a good amount of hair and the softest, biggest lips, they look so plump. Also, my cousin's best friend also gave birth this week naming her girl Aurora (I love that name and what it means). Actually I know this girl in real-life. Her daughter came out at just 35 weeks old as she wasn't due in another month or so, but both baby & mom are doing well & out of the hospital already. Then Beautiful Brittany - one my blogging friends - finally gave birth to a very healthy and big, 8 lbs. baby boy named Bear Clayton (I like that name too, especially the middle name). And, last but not least, last night one of my best friends (who is also due herself in February, a couple weeks after me) became an aunt as her Brother & Sister-in-Law became parents for the first time. They named their girl Alisa combining their names Anita+Elis. I love that. And just like this November, almost every month starting with January - when my oldest and best friend gave birth to a Baby Girl - this year has been filled with many happy and healthy births for many friends and people I know. I am guessing 2012 was a Baby Boom kind of year filled with so many births & pregnancies. All of these MAKE ME LOOK THAT MUCH FORWARD to my own bundle of joy coming anytime between January 25th to February 7th.

To My Baby Girl:
This is the 30th week I carry you in my belly and though - if I think from the beggining - the time has seemed long and sometimes a bumpy ride, I can't be happier and prouder to have you there and have you call me 'Mom' when the time is right for you to debut into this world. Both Dad & I love you to pieces as do your future grand-parents and for the last two weeks or so, we have even refered to you by your name, rather than just sweetie, peanut, baby girl, baby, etc. I hope you love your name just as much as we do.

I love you with all of my heart, belly, body & soul. Love, Your Mommy, Ada.

How Far Along: 30 weeks (7 months and a little bit more).
Total Weight Gain: 14 lbs or so.
Baby Measurements & Weight: About 15.5 inches long and weighing in at about 1360 gr. or 3 lbs. Wow she is already at least about half the size she should be before being born. Mamma is so happy.
Maternity Clothes? Yes. My pants have to be Maternity pretty much though two pairs of skinny (low-waist) pants still fit perfectly fine. My non-maternity leggings have gotten tighter.
Best moment this week: Seeing/hearing her on the ultra-sound on Tuesday. She has really grown since 5+ weeks ago when I had my last ultra-sound.
Miss Anything? Sleeping well. Though my sleep has been a little better the last couple of nights or so, getting good, quality sleep is still hard, these days. Also my belly is getting rounder and heavier, therefore waiving my body, bending or kneeling down has become a somewhat hard task.
Movement: Yes, DAILY. Her kicks have gotten louder, for sure.
Food Cravings: I am craving more meat these days as well as more sweets/desserts. Also I crave lots of Vitamin C but I take a lot of that through tangerines (I eat them daily), lemons & oranges.
Anything making you queasy or sick? No.
Gender: It is PINK!! It is A GIRL!!
Belly button in or out? In, but trying to get out and changing its shape.
Wedding rings on or off? On but loose.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy about the baby, always happy to think about her, to think of the day when I give birth to her, to think of the moment they first put her in my arms. Baby-Happy ALL THE TIME!! 
Looking forward to: My next ultra-sound in a month or so and I am also looking forward to my belly getting bigger, now that I have hit month 7. ;-)
Today's outfit was brought to you by a rainy, cold Sunday where I spent the day working all day (13 hours nevertheless). I was in the office most day, didn't get to see a lot of customers and I was feeling & looking sick so this outfit was the right thing for me to wear. I love me some stripes and this top has a sexy little loop back as well as beautiful stripes. It is between a Navy & an Off-Black. Looks more navy though. I also like the little metallic button detail. White House Black Market is known for their detailing of their buttons. The material is a soft knit with some cotton & wool blend. I added my favorite new scarf, a white-button-down underneath, comfortable gray Maternity trousers and Patent Leather Tennis Shoes (that are actually quite dressy).
Navy & White Stripped, Boat-Neck Sweater w/ Silver Button Detail on the Sleeves & Shoulders: White House Black Market.
Cap-Sleeve, Button-Down, Poplin Shirt w/ Ruffles Around the Collar: Express.
Burnt Orange, Gold & Brown, Paisley Print, Indian Pashmina Shawl w/ Fringe: Gifted to Me from a Friend.
Dressy, Gray Maternity Pants: Oh Baby by Motherhood.
Military Green, Military-Style Jacket w/ Pockets: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Tiny, Silver Hoop Earrings w/ Quadrangle Silver Rhinestones: New York & Company (NY& Co).
Skinny, Silk, Black Headband Featuring 3 Small Rosettes: The Limited.
Teal, Faux Alligator, Big Handbag w/ Beige Details & Gold Hardware: Parfois.
Olive-Green, Patent-Leather, Tennis Shoes w/ Laces (sort of a Converse style): Simple Shoes.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Wishful Shopping at The Limited.

So, today is Black Friday - a day of of Shopping for USA. And I don't know about you, but despite long lines of waiting by the fitting rooms and then again waiting to pay, extremely busy parking lots and people rushing in every direction, I still love going out to shop for clothes (for myself =D), electronics and Christmas presents, on this day. Even if I had to work at least half a day most Black Fridays I 'made that little sacrifice' to my local mall. I usually even saved up ahead, anywhere from like $300-$500 to splurge on myself, on Black Friday. Some stores I always headed to were first and foremost My Favorite Store: The Limited. I can always find something there, be it sweaters, blouses, shells, cardigans, pants, jewelry, scarves, belts, headbands or even cute purses. I also usually headed to Express, The Loft, Gap, Banana Republic, Nine West and sometimes at White House Black Market. That was my Black Friday Clothing Tour, usually.

But if I were to shop at The Limited this year, right around this time, there would be so many sweaters and pretty tops that would tickle my Fashion Bone. Below I compiled a WISH LIST of Sweaters and Shells from My Number One Store - The Limited. Some of them are multiples, but I tend to do that (especially at that store). If I like something a lot I buy it in 2-3 colors or patterns. Do you do that, too? Anyway, this is JUST A WISH LIST as I am nowhere near a Limited store, being 5000 miles away from USA or so. In a way that's good because I would go broke, there, alone.

First up, I would love each and everyone of these sweaters. The first two ones are the same sweater in Heather Gray & Teal. These are both colors lacking in my wardrobe and at the same time I love the loose, boat-neck style of these 2 sweaters so I would pick them up in both colors. =) The Lemon Cowl-neck sweater is just too cute. I barely have anything in this color, let alone a sweater. The sexy shape and awesome neckline make me love it even more. And last but not least I love the shape, sex appeal and amazing Hot Pink color of the third sweater with the funky zipper off the side.
Once again more sweaters. The soft crochet cardigan sweaters look so dainty & feminine and the Ochre color as well as the Soft Coral color are two colors missing from my Cardigan collection. Plus, they both look so gorgeous with those Winter-White Dresses. I can see so many colors being paired with these sweaters and because they seem lighter, they would work for all four seasons, too. Then we have those gorgeous Black & White Sweaters with Bows. I like anything with a bow on it so that alone, is a selling point for me. I love the crisp Black sweater with the crew-neck, quite dressy too. And that White cardigan looks like it has a pretty black ribbon tied into a bow, around it, so cute & girly.
Ohh that middle sweater has a funky, sexy, pair of red lips printed on it. I can see it working for a casual work environment, cocktails, girls' night out or a hot date. And I am loving the Blues in the other two sweaters as well as the patterned stripes. They both feature Turquoise and Coral, they are colorful without being too much in your face. The sweater on the left is long enough to be worn as a tunic with leggings - which is a Fall/Winter wardrobe staple for me.
Lots of bold, bright, happy colors and amazing prints in this group of sweaters. I love the dominating Beige, Orange & Yellow on the first stripped V-neck sweater. Actually, I bought a similar V-sweater in colorful stripes just 3 weeks ago. The second one is a flyaway cardigan with a cool fold-over collar in some gorgeous Purple, Turqouise, Lemon, Plum & Cobalt shades all creating a Rainbow Ombre effect. The third sweater I love because of the rich reds in it, as well as the mixing of Stripes & Chevron; it is a great tunic length, too. And last but not least that funky, multi-color Cowl-neck sweater looks like a cool and crisp Aztec print.
Another multiple. I love this cardigan so much, I wouldn't mind having it in all these 3 colors. They had 6 altogether shown on the website and it was hard for me to narrow it down to these 3. I like the light feel they have and the beautiful knit work on the bottom & on the sleeves. The first one I chose because I am loving Orange these day. I think it would be great for Fall and/or Winter. The middle one I love because of the Gorgeous Bright Cobalt. I don't own a cardigan in such a color and I think this would work for all seasons. And last but not least what a pretty Bright Pink & Heather Gray combo. Pink & Gray are always a perfect pair and this one would be great for warmer seasons. And as far as I am concerned, trend or not Color-block is here to stay in my opinion.
Ohhh how I love these short-sleeve sweaters (actually the last one is a top). I am loving the slight pouf on the sleeves and the best part about all these is that they are all on Clearance for 30 bucks or less.The first one has those beautiful Earthy Fall colors. For the second one I love the color between a Lemon & a Mustard, real neat. The third one once again features cowl-neck which I love. I also love the light taupe color & of course the stripes. It has cool cuffed sleeves which button, so that is another neat detail. And lastly I like the dark colors of that beautiful top, with the button detail going down the left sleeve & one big square, trendy pocket in the front. What's not to love? These 4 would be great additions to my wardrobe because I do not own many short-sleeve sweaters and I am loving the length of all these sleeves, not too short. And see the trend here, almost all of these tops are paired with Oxblood pants - the color of the season. They look great with that color, the first stripped sweater would also work with Oxblood bottoms.
These beautiful shells are gorgeous to wear on their own (with nothing else on top) but they would work great under cardigans and blazers, too. The white one is so pretty, feminine and soft. I love the see-through upper top and the very small studded detail. Also, fun cap-sleeves, so breezy & cool. The middle one is quite simple but I do like its scrunched-up crew neck and the bold, Dark Red color, almost Oxblood - the IT Color of this season. The third Black+White top has sort of a futuristic feel to it & it has a pretty, unique lacy pattern. And last but not least what a gorgeous, Light Sand Sparkly top with a slight cowl-neck & a bow-tie belt around it. I am loving this one paired with White Pants.
A group of Gorgeous Jewel-Toned Shells to round up my Wish List from The Limited. First of all I love every single color and both styles of these tops. The first and third one have a slight sparkle to them. Because their sparkle is understated, they would work under a work suit, or tucked into a pencil skirt. But they would also work for the Holiday Season or any Holiday Event you may have coming up; I love multi-functional clothing. I love the gorgeous Hot Pink & Teal colors of both. The second & last one are the same top in Cobalt Blue & Coral-Orange. This top is a little more loose and more casual, yet pretty & bold enough to make you noticed in a crowd, even if your bottoms are black dressy pants or skinny jeans.