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Flashback Friday (or Saturday Morning): Casual Thanksgiving Outfits.

First off, I want to start by saying that it is currently snowing. It is snowing tonight as I am typing this, and it will snow almost all day tomorrow - our first snow of the season. I see a white coating out there. I love snow (I will probably say I hate it once New Year's is over LOL). This first snow makes even more sense now that I started decorating for Christmas. On Wednesday I put up the first Christmas Tree (our smallest one) and a few Christmas decorations at home. I did decorate the fireplace and mantle area, too. 

I showed you a Casual Thanksgiving Look the other day. Today I am looking back at a few outfits which would be great for a Casual Thanksgiving Dinner, also to run last-minute errands during the day/early afternoon, before the big turkey dinner with stuffing and all the trimmings. Most of these outfits were not worn for Thanksgiving but around that time of the year and more. I believe all of them would make great Casual Thanksgiving Outfits. Let's take a loo…