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29 + 30: Pencil Skirts, Tank Tops, Denim Jackets and Black Peep-toes.

More layers, more Pencil Skirts and more Denim Finishing Pieces (yesterday was my Denim Vest and today is the Denim Jacket). Today's Outfits were worn two days in a row, both for my Mom daily duties and later in the evening for the classes I teach. They are both a little Dressy, a little Casual, put-together without much effort at all. That is why a Denim Finisher is such a Great, Versatile piece to have. If you don't own one yet - get one!! Both of these Outfits have the same elements: Pencil Skirts, Tank Tops (which are both Embellished with Sparkly Stones) and the same Denim Jacket on top. It is a simple formula that works. I kept the jewelry simple and even the same hairstyle - accessorized with a Headband, each time. Also, with each Outfit I am wearing Black, Peep-toe, Bow Shoes. What do you think? Yeay or nay for pairing Dressier Skirts with a Denim Jacket or Denim Vest?
This Skirt has a cute Peplum Ruffle on the Middle of the back, on the bottom (you can see that on the…