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Japanese Inspiration.

This Outfit is from about a month ago. I have outfits galore saved up on my memory stick. I won't post all of them most likely, but trying to catch up after taking some time off. And truth be told, I could have posted any other outfit today. Since I don't particularly love this one. I don't hate it, but I am not too happy with it. But, in hindsight, I thought it looked better on me (on the body) than how it photographed.
So, what does this outfit remind you of? Well, I think of Japan and Japanese stories/movies when I look at this one. A lot of the Japanese ladies wore similar silhouettes and styles. And trust me, when I put on this Bright Coral Maxi Skirt with this Faux Wrap, Kimono-Style Chambray Shirt, my intention wasn't to create a Japanese Styled Look. But it ended up looking that way, especially with my high bun and the long slits in the maxi skirt  (which sort of make the skirt look like wide gaucho pants, very similar to what the long skirts the Japanese women…