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Summer Snap-shots.

It is Summer 2014, Baby!! Summer is ending soon - that is hard to believe and truly, I am a little sad. We haven't taken our Summer vacation yet (fingers crossed we can go for a week getaway on September 1st), but we have gone to the pool or at the beach a few times so far. As busy as Summer has been and I have had so much stuff to do around the house, volunteering, job-searching and add to all these a lot more laundry and dishes than during the Winter, the weekends we have spent relaxing under the sun, as a family, have been the best and most memorable. I figured since it is the middle of August already, I finally show you some snap-shots of what our Summer has looked like. This is a post heavy in photos but I hope you enjoy it. =) I can tell Vivian enjoyed this season. She was too young last year to understand or really enjoy Summer and our Summer in Michigan (last year) was pretty cool and rainy too. But this year, she definitely understood and she loved the warm weather and the…