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Thursday Moda #7 and Mom's Birthday.

Before I get to today's very Wintery outfit despite the fact that it is middle of April, I want to take a moment to wish my Fabulous Mom a Very Happy Birthday. April 14th is her day and his year her birthday is extra special because she turns 60. I have only gotten her one gift so far but have a very clear idea about the second one and will pick it up after work.
My mom is a very loving and generous woman. She puts her family and children before herself, always. She has a big heart, a spirit full of gratitude and joy and a brilliant mind too. She is just as good with numbers (as a Finance major) as she is artistic and crafty. She can knit, crochet and embroidery. She is quite funny too. She has always worked hard to make sure we are always taken care of, very well. Not only is she a great mother, she is even a greater grandmother. Seeing her with my daughter, makes me wish I am half of the mother to Vivian that my mom has been to me. I am so blessed, happy and lucky that she is my …