Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fall 2015 Mantle and Fireplace.

Autumn is my favorite season, especially here in Midwest Michigan. The leaves are in every color your mind can possibly imagine. There are all kinds of apples and apple trees. And pumpkins have such a cute bright color, they also smell good and make for pretty decorations. So, of course I wanted to do a little bit of Fall decorating this year, especially since we are spending it around a beautiful wood fireplace. Today, I am showing you our Fall Mantle at home. I didn't go overboard with decorations. As a matter of fact the vase (on the right) and the art piece (on the left) usually are part of the mantle decor year around. Also, that art-work frame above the mantle of the fireplace has Gorgeous Fall Colors like Rust, Cranberry, Mustard, Deep Blue, Tan and Orange. As a matter of fact, almost all of our Art pieces on the wall of the living room, have those same Fall-ish Colors, so decorating for Fall makes it much easier.

In the middle of the Mantle, there is a beautiful ship from Cape Cod, which was actually purchased in Boston, MA. On each side of the ship, there are 2 glass and dark metallic candle holders which have flowers on the vine. When it gets colder out, at night, I will be lighting those candles (inside). Then on the right, a picture frame of Vivian as a baby (she was 4-months old) graces the mantle and next to it a gorgeous artistic vase which was also purchased in Boston, decorated with wigs and branches (some real and some fake). On the other side, there is a little wooden vase with air refresher sticks, a religious double-sided frame (from our Orthodox church) and that stunning oval-shaped vase which was purchased at Home Goods.

As you can see the metallic frame of the fireplace is black, also surrounded by black marble. And the little front floor in front of the fireplace is also black marble. So choosing Black+Cream Decorations for the floor part worked out great. The tall vase and the circle deep bowl were both purchased at Value City Furniture. They have cream leaves all over them and you know leaves = Fall. I stuck some wicker and branch-like cream+tan flowers inside of the vase. The Black Porcelain Dog (with a cream collar) was a lucky find at Goodwill for 2 bucks. On the other side I placed an Ombre Fall Candle (don't remember where I purchased it) but it smells like Toasted Pumpkin. I made the wreath which I put around the candle, many years ago, using different leaves and 3 or 4 little pinecones purchased at the Dollar Store. 

And this is our Fall 2015 Mantle. I hope you liked it. I cannot wait to decorate this mantle for the Christmas season.
Here is one last picture of the entire Fireplace+Mantle area. Next weekend I will share how I have decorated around the house for Fall.

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