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22 of 30: Pretty Blue Details and the Cutest Little Pigtails.

Posting late today guys because we had a major power outage due to some rain, for a few hours earlier today. The good thing that came out of this, I became very productive and cleaned out, organized and purged my husband's closet. It is all neat, tidy and organized now and ready for the Spring/Summer season. And yesterday I started and almost finished the baby's closet. And I started on my own last week, as I previously mentioned on the blog. However, mine is by far the one that needs most work, especially the part of getting rid of stuff. But I have started and made some progress so that counts for something.

So, let's get to the Outfit. Nifty little title hmmm? In the first part about the little details I am referring to the Pretty Details that make up Today's Outfit. As far as Cute Pigtails those belong to Vivian of course. I am sharing a few photos of hers from her second Easter a few days ago. She is rocking a New Minnie Outfit gifted to her by her Aunt with some …