Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The 6 Remix: Inge of This Ever Evolving Life - Casual Fall Outfits.

Hopefully by the time you read this, I have landed safely in Tirana, Albania and the baby and I are getting some sleep and rest - which will be very needed after flying for 2 days. For the past couple of months, on the 6th of the month I have challenged myself to a 6 Remix. The rules are either of these two. I remix 6 articles of clothing excluding Shoes, Accessories, Jewelry and Outerwear. Or I remix the same article of clothing into 6 different outfits. I absolutely love this monthly feature and due to my super busy last couple of weeks: spending time with my family in US, visiting people, shopping, packing (lots of packing) and just being super busy and stressed in general, for November's 6 Remix, I asked one of my Favorite Bloggers whom I read daily, to 'sub' for me. She is INGE from This Ever Evolving Life, whose blog I read daily. She has Guest Posted for me before. We have also collaborated on a post together, styling our Black+White, Ikat Shorts from Old Navy. Though Inge looks nice in her Pencil Skirts, Trousers, Blouses and Dresses, I prefer her Casual Outfits cause she nails them every time. She put together 6 pretty, easy, chic and casual Fall Outfits for all of us. 


Hi everyone!  I'm Inge (pronounced Inga) and I blog over at This Ever Evolving Life.  Ada typically does a 6 Remix post on the sixth of the month (see last month's here) and asked me to fill in this month.  I'd  never done one of these mini remix challenges before and it seemed like fun!

I'm a teacher and now that we are fully back into the school year, a lot of my efforts have been put into styling my work outfits.  But honestly, I have the most fun with casual outfits.  I wanted to take some time to focus on creating a few fall weekend looks with some great remixable items.

Let's start with the pieces I chose for the remix:
-Olive skinny jeans from Target (same)
- Black skinny jeans from Target (same)
- Tan striped top from Old Navy (similar)
- Grey sweater from Target (similar)
- Olive vest from JCP (same)
- Plaid button-down from Old Navy (similar)
As you can see, there are almost all neutral pieces here.  I think neutrals are perfect for fall, plus they are obviously easy to remix.  Don't worry, you can add in more color with accessories!

And now for the outfits!
You can absolutely keep wearing your florals into fall.  Work with more muted colors and wear them with darker hues to avoid a springtime look.

I love oxford shoes.  They are a trendy way to add a menswear-inspired vibe to your outfit.  Plus you can wear socks with them and keep your feet warm now that the temperature is dropping!
Scarves are a really great way to add interest to your outfit without a lot of effort.  The rest of this outfit was simple, but now the scarf takes center stage.

Try a little pattern-mixing!  I don't have a whole lot of leopard in my closet but these shoes go with just about anything.  I'm pretty sure that "they" are saying that leopard is a neutral these days!

Two of my fall favorites are these ankle boots and my olive vest.  In fact, I wore them in the last collaboration post I did with Ada where we styled our Old Navy patterned shorts.

Plaid and gingham tops are so trendy right now, and are so perfectly suited for autumn.  Sure, it feels a little outdoorsy but aren't you picking apples and pumpkins, sitting around a cozy bonfire with friends, taking hikes or drives through the woods to see the changing leaves, and attending football games? And, well, even if you aren't, you can still rock some plaid and get away with it this time of year!

I want to thank Ada again for having me on her blog, and for challenging me with this remix! And I hope you'll all come visit me sometime at This Ever Evolving Life.


Thank you so much Inge. So which are your Favorite 2-3 Looks? I think I like 1, 3 & 4 the most!
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