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The 6 Remix: Inge of This Ever Evolving Life - Casual Fall Outfits.

Hopefully by the time you read this, I have landed safely in Tirana, Albania and the baby and I are getting some sleep and rest - which will be very needed after flying for 2 days. For the past couple of months, on the 6th of the month I have challenged myself to a 6 Remix. The rules are either of these two. I remix 6 articles of clothing excluding Shoes, Accessories, Jewelry and Outerwear. Or I remix the same article of clothing into 6 different outfits. I absolutely love this monthly feature and due to my super busy last couple of weeks: spending time with my family in US, visiting people, shopping, packing (lots of packing) and just being super busy and stressed in general, for November's 6 Remix, I asked one of my Favorite Bloggers whom I read daily, to 'sub' for me. She is INGE from This Ever Evolving Life, whose blog I read daily. She has Guest Posted for me before. We have also collaborated on a post together, styling our Black+White, Ikat Shorts from Old Navy. Thou…