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Gray, Black and Brown!

So, on a previous post I mentioned how one day I mixed/matched Black, Gray & Brown together. Though these are all neutral, dark, monotone colors, I think I was able to mix them well enough to create a good-looking outfit. I even brought out the silver & black in my jewelry (matching my tights) while my shoes & belt were both brown, not because that is "a general rule"(for the shoes and belt to match in colors and materials). Unfortunately I was wishing to not wear sweater dresses anymore, since May is supposed to be late Spring and all, practically summer, but you can't fight Mother Nature. I even wore an outside jacket on top. Don't get me wrong I love the cozy & warm feeling of a sweater dress, but come on it was Mid May. This one is a light knit and it has a pretty cowlneck.

Gray, Short-Sleeve, Cable-Knit, Sweater Dress: Line 1900 (this is basically a line of stores in Tirana, where everything equals 19$.) Long, Jet Black, Glass-Beaded Necklace:White…