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Girly Pink and Yellow for Viv's 2nd Birthday.

OK, so this Outfit is three weeks old, from when Vivian turned two, back on January 19th. But I wanted to save this Outfit for this week, because just like yesterday's this Fun, Girly, Bright Outfit would be perfect for a Valentine's Dinner Date. It is Dressy yet Casual enough. I know this is quite bright and it is not something I typically wear every day either, but I figured it was the right outfit to celebrate my little girl's 2nd birthday, for her little birthday party at the day-care. Plus, I wore this Outfit on purpose to match her little tutu set so we mixed and matched our Pinks, Yellows and Purples. This Outfit is so fitting for this week which is the week of love, because Vivian (along-side my husband) is the Love of My Life. And she is very much part of this blog, as you know. =)

Between November and December I only purchased 4 things. The Skirt and Tights I am wearing today are two of those things. They are both so Bright, almost Neon-y but I love them. The Fuc…