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Same Coral Tank this week, plus an Outfit Inspiration because of it.

Actually, in Reality Today's Outfit and Tuesday's Outfit were worn about a week apart from each other but you get to see them on this blog on the same week and they both feature my Embellished V-Neck, Ruched, Coral Tank from WHBM. I love this Tank & own it in Black & in White as well. I am one of those people that if I like something a lot, I buy multiples of it in Different Colors and/or Patterns? Who else is like me in this aspect? As a matter of fact I ordered Yesterday's Floral Romper in a Different Color. I loved the Colors, how it felt on the body, how you can dress it up or down and just as important - I loved the price. And I think this Maxi Skirt looks cuter with this Tank rather than the Tank I wore it with the very first time. I am gravitating a lot towards Maxis lately. I Purchased a New Maxi Dress plus a New Maxi Skirt & so did my mom, for me. It also happens to be Marionberry's Trend of the month, for June 2013. The Baby is matching me in her …