Saturday, February 2, 2019

My Daughter - Poetry.

I talk about my daughter a lot. She is the biggest, most important part of my life. I show her on my blog and on my social media a lot, not to overexpose her or anything, but because she is my daughter, my bestie, my flesh+blood, my love, my life. I love her more and more every day and before I was a mom I had no idea a love so big, so pure, so unconditional, so raw, so felt, so magical existed! It goes without saying that a child 100% changes your life, always for the better, for the best! Forget first loves, forget fiance(s) or husband(s), even your own mother comes second to your child. After all your firstborn is also your first real true love and no one comes close! Well, here is my latest little poem I just wrote for my daughter, Vivian. =)

My Sweet and Darling Vivian pictured on her 6th birthday, exactly two weeks ago (January 19th 2019) with her Unicorn Outfit by her Unicorn Cake.

My  Daughter
[February 2nd, 11.000 P.M.]

The silkyness of your hair as I hold you tight,
so luscious and long, so healthy and pretty,
the beauty of those deep hazel-green eyes so bright,
those eyes that look into mine with so much love and curiosity!

The feel of your milky ivory, softer-than-soft skin,
the skin I smelled since the moment you were born,
the delightful little baby I held within,
I smelled you, I felt you, I heard your heart beat inside mine!

You were the little human that would change me entirely,
my unicorn world, my ray of sunshine,
you were the reason that today I hold the title of 'mommy',
you little diamond, the most precious stone!

The blood that pumps within my own veins,
my flesh and blood, my mini me, my soul,
your heart that beats inside my own chest,
my beautiful angel, my darling, I love you so!

As you take each step with your brave little self,
as you ask all those questions with what ifs and you wander,
 as you breathe and take a moment to take it all in and relax,
watching the world around you with the a sense of wonder!

Keep living, walking, running, smiling, wondering my little one,
the world is your oyster and you are its wise pearl,
keep dreaming and always believing in fairies and unicorns, 
no one can tell you otherwise, if you believe!