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A Very Special Mommy+Me Christmas Collaboration and a Link-Up.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Today is a very special post you all because not only I am back with my sweetie Vivian, but there are two other super adorable little girls (and their mom) joining us in our super cozy, super casual but super festive Christmas Pajamas Style. Today, I am teamed up with LAURA from I Do deClaire and the two of us and our girls are showing you guys how we dress down for Christmas at home, by our festive Christmas trees. Pajamas all the way and a little ugly cute festive-wear on my side, as you ca see lol. I am also joining Laura's linkup which usually goes LIVE every Tuesday but she did it an earlier day this month since Tuesday is Christmas. But speaking of Tuesday, like every last Tuesday of the month I have my "Skirting the Rules" monthly linkup with my friend Elsie and my outfit will be nothing like today's. It will be super festive and fancy, think New Year's Eve!

OUR  CHRISTMAS  PAJAMAS  FOR  2018. Vivian's Red Pajamas with white snow…