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The Blended Blog Asks, June - Summer Lovin'.

It is the first Monday of June so happy first full week of June first of all! I have had such a busy, productive Monday but that is how I like it. Anyway, the first Monday of each month is time for "The Blended Blog Asks" a questionnaire beautifully-dedicated to that particular month. This time around is all about your favorite Summertime activities, foods and 'habits'. Linking up with the lovely bloggers of The Blended Blog.

1. Walk for sure. I actually never learned how to ride a bike. I am probably not too late starting to learn one lol, since they say it is easy but I don't like need to ride a bike. I do love to walk though and I walk a ton.
2. Salads, cheese, fizzy drinks, super cold water and watermelon.
3. Lake, always. I live in the lakes' state after all. There are a ton of lakes in beautiful Michigan and the closest one to me is give or take 15 minutes away drive.
4. Probably the Napoletean one that has Strawberry, Chocolate and Pistachio. A vanilla ice…