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Wrap it up (Look 31).

Every woman needs to own at least a couple of wrap dresses in their wardrobe: a sleeveless one and a long-sleeve one. I have both, plus some with cap sleeve, fluttery sleeves and short sleeves and a black one in the mix. No wonder for my current capsule wardrobe I included one. You can dress them down (as I previously did here), dress them up and wear them to work. A wrap dress is flattering on any body type and on pregnant women, too. The leafy pattern on this one is subtle enough to go bold with bright colors if you like. But since I wore it to work and I love any shades of nude and blush, this particular time I went for a monochromatic head to toe look with my Nude Suede Block Heel Sandals - which I am packing with me for my vacation this week - and these Nude+Black Sunglasses. Heck, even my Flower Stud Earrings are a blush color.
Oh and those pesky greys, they are gone. I finally got my hair colored prior to my vacation! Blush Pink w/ Black Leaf Pattern, Faux Wrap Style Sleeveless D…