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Orange, Brown & Nude.

I always think of ORANGE as a happy, sunny, make-me-feel-good color and this lovely dress is a vivid, tangerine-bright shade of orange. Plus it is a sweater dress and most sweater dresses are black gray, beige or brown (not this one). I love the fact that it is sleeveless because it is a real light knit which makes it perfect for Spring or Fall. Also you can layer a cute top/shirt underneath it and totally change up the look of the dress. Last but not least I love the cowl-neck.

As you can tell from the background of the photos, these ones are taken inside the Bookstore where I manage at. I love the colorful books, magazines and pretty covers behind me. I love being surrounded by books. There is something so cultural, worthy and learning about them. I might not have time (even if the day had 100 hours) to read all of them, but I do appreciate them and I can flip through many of them. This way I learn more about a particular book as well as its author, etc. It is after all part of my …