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Vivian's Style, Summer 2017, Part 2 + Linkup.

You all love when Vivian makes appearances on my blog or my Instagram for that matter. A month ago, I did a post featuring Vivian's Summer Style and today I am doing part two. There will be a part 3 and 4 as well. Dressing a little girl is so much fun. The toddler years are fun and wonderful as it is. But little girls - just like women in general - can be opinionated, sassy, sweet and delightful. And Vivian certainly has her own opinions too, when it comes to a lot of her outfits. Sometimes little girls are hard to dress. It is their way or the high way lol. Vivian looks lovely in bright colors but as you will see in most of these outfits she also looks great in pastels. She rocks baby blue, periwinkle and lavender. And I just love her signature poses!
You can see more outfits and looks of Vivian - that I have not shared on the blog - on my Instagram  feed and insta stories on the daily. In there I also post quick videos of her and our adventures. Read on below to see these outfits…