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Chic in a Tweed Sheath.

Here is a New OOTD Post, TGF (Thank God Finally!!) LOL Yes I made up an accronym. =)
I call today's outfit: "Chic in a Tweed Sheath" and it even rhymes. I am quite the Poet today, ain't I? =)

So, as you can tell, these photos are taken inside an office building. This is actually the large office I share with 3 other people and lots of Outfit Photos are taken here (when the other two people are not there; maybe they are on their lunch break or the opposite shift). See, I do the managing and marketing for a large Bookstore (kind of like Borders, however it is not a corporation like Borders or Barnes & Nobles is). I manage and direct with two other people. Since the bookstore hours are from 9 AM till 9 PM we work in two 8-hour shifts. I always manage to get the pictures at work most of the time. Since most of my days are spent at work and most of the outfits I wear daily are Work Outfits, hence the workplace environment. This is a brand-new business and these are ne…