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White, Khaki and Leopard.

The last theme of the Create 28 Lovely Spring Looks with Carrie and Whitney was Leopard Print and I am a couple of days late but before April is over I bring you my Spring Leopard Outfit. I wore a Leopard Chiffon Blouse with my White Skinny Jeans (part of my top 10) and early in the morning, I topped them off with a Khaki Blazer. In my morning commute and a little later I also wore my Olive Green Flats and then switched right away to my Nude Pumps which were worn the rest of the day. This outfit is from yesterday by the way and it is an Outfit I loved which explains the gazillion pictures, too. LOL I think from all of my remixing month with the top 10, it is hands down my favorite outfit and definitely my favorite way (out of the three ways I have shown so far) to style these White Skinny Jeans which have become a Spring MVP for me. They pair so nicely with Khaki and Leopard, creating a pretty neutral outfit but which still looks interesting, don't you think? I hope I inspire you…