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Saturday is for Vivian - Sweet November.

In an effort to update you about Vivian like I do it monthly, on Saturdays, I stayed up real late Saturday night uploading and editing photos until my eyes were closing off and it was after 1.00 o'clock when I went to bed. I mentioned yesterday how November has gone by so fast. I started the month in USA and ending it in Albania. I had a lot of packing and then unpacking to do. There were a ton of photos we took those last few days in the States with my Parents, my Brother & other relatives. And then again, since coming back we have taken a bunch of photos with Vivian. She grows up daily and her other grandparents, my sister-in-law & my husband (her dad) hadn't seen her in 4 months. To make things hard for me (working against time), all the photos were spread among three different cameras. So since I don't have the Monthly/Birthday Post ready for you guys yet, for the blog, I decided to show you some of Vivian's best photos from this month. I always update Face…