Saturday, December 24, 2011


I am keeping this post short and sweet today being in the Christmas Spirit and all. First of all MERRY CHRISTMAS BEAUTIFUL, STYLISH LADIES!! It is technically Christmas here in Lovely Tirana, Albania, since it is 23 minutes past midnight. =)

Secondly, you must know I love love this time of the year. The Holidays in December are my favorite time during the year with the exception of the month of May (when it is both my birthday and my husband's and when it is the prettiest time in the Spring, welcoming Summer.) Every year I go nuts decorating not only the tree but the house around me, when it comes to Christmas. And every year I did something different, especially since I had collected so many kinds, shapes and colors of ornaments as well as other celebratory, festive XMas items, through the years. Unfortunately I had to leave behind entire boxes of decorations when I moved from Michigan to Albania. We now live in a small one bedroom apartment. We have a lot less space and I still don't have a lot of decorations, but I wanted to do my part as well this year and I could't let my First Christmas in Albania (15 years later) go unnoticed. Below I will be posting some photos from My Christmas Spirit this year (meaning I will be posting photos for you to see how I decorated for the first time ever at our new "home" here in Tirana.) I am pretty certain by this time next year we will settle at a nicer, bigger apartment so this is is probably our first and last Christmas here, so enjoy these!!

Last, I wanted to quote to you my current status I have on Facebook. Thought it was nice and interesting for you girls to read and I hope you like it. "Tirana today looked more beautiful than I have ever seen it before. I have never seen it look prettier or more decorative than today. People seemed nicer than usual too, especially in stores and bars. Everyone around was wishing you Happy Holidays and being more generous than regularly with a real smile on their faces. It is the holiday of Miracles, after all! With that said I will miss spending Christmas in Michigan with about 30 loved ones of my family - no one throws a party as big & fun as they do on Dec 25th!! Merry Christmas all Around to both of my families, in US & in Tirana!!"

And here are My  Festive Photos, guys!
 Here are the fruits of My Labor!!