Saturday, June 8, 2013

Black Liquid and White Cotton.

I meant to post an Outfit yesterday and another one today but I have had two super busy days. Today, I cleaned and dusted the entire house, and then I mopped. And then I was so tired and a bad headache popped in. I figured it would go away after having lunch, but nope it got worse. It was a good time in the afternoon to sleep (for me) but the headache was awful. 2 Advil(s) later it still didn't go away, I had to take something stronger, so I only took a short nap while hubby watched Vivian. It was very necessary as I was sleepy and fatigued, followed up by dizziness. It has been such an exhausting week for both Vivian & I. She is currently teething and poor baby hasn't had a Good Night sleep all week, especially last night. The same goes for me, of course. It is a good thing it is the weekend so I can count on my Husband & his Family to help with Vivian while I take some much needed naps and relax even if it is for a small period of time. =) What have you been up to this Weekend thus far? You got anything fun planned? Enjoy your Saturday Night & have a Relaxing Sunday!

This Outfit is Simple but still Chic on the Casual side. I feel like I have been wearing a lot of Black+White lately but if it works, why not!? This Long, 100% Cotton Cardigan has been a very Versatile purchase, I added to my closet this year. These Liquid Snake-skin Leggings are new also, purchased in May. I almost purchased the ones that look like Pleather, but I am glad I went for these instead. I like the detailing, the feel and the less glossy look on these, better. There is a little bit of another Color in my Outfit as I am wearing my Baby Pink & White, Stripped Tank Top. And these have been My Favorite Every Day Sandals from Summer 2012. I will be wearing them again, this Summer. =)

White, Cotton, Long Cardigan w/ attached Flower Pin: Terra Nova.
Dusty Pink & White, Stripped Tank Top: Gruppo Fiori.
Black, Liquid, Snake-like Leggings: American Fashion & Jewelry (New).
Baby Pink, Crystal, Diamond-Shape, Drop Earrings: American Fashion & Jewelry (New).
Faux Gold Ring w/ Semi-Precious Red-Coral, Square Stone: Banana Republic.
Black & Silver, Gladiator, Strappy Sandals: Il Cammini.

Vivian's Outfit:
Baby Pink, White+Gray, Ruffled, Polka Dot & Stripe Tunic: Carter's.
Baby Pink Sweat Pants: Cinco.
Pink, Ruffled, Nylon Headband with Hello Kitty: Disney.
Baby Pink, Stripped Rainbow Socks w/ Lace Trim: Carter's.

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