Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Beautiful, the Playful, the Sleepy, the Fun, the Cute, the Funny, the Smart - Our Little Dog PUFFY.

So, I am dedicating this blog to a special member of our family, our "little baby" Puffy. In December of this year, he will be 6 years old. My family & I (my parents and brother) have had him since he was about 2 lbs (less than a kilogram) when he was just a few weeks old. We fell in love with him at first sight, even-though he was super super tiny and not as cute (LOL) then. He is a half Yorkie and half Maltese breed. Usually he is more hairy than in the photos below but we shave and groom him at least once for every season (every 3 months). These photos of his are taken just a few days ago in Late August 2010. We shaved his beautiful, thick hair back in June and now it has grown some. =)

He is really a ball of fur and joy mixed into one. He is a Fluffy, Real Cute Puppy, The Sweetest Little Thing. We love him so much. ♥♥♥ And on top of it all, my brother has trained/taught him both in English and Albanian so he responds to both. He knows all of our names and responds to them, if he hears them when we talk to each-other or on the phone. He even knows all of our rooms, where we sleep. He loves to play, especially with little balls he holds in his mouth. He is also quite athletic because he runs those stairs (26 of them) up and down several times a day. He is a very territorial and protective dog, so if you're in his territory, he might just bite you. He is also a little bit the jealous type. =P He loves to run, play and lick us. He loves, loves licking us. For some reason he is fascinated with my face so he literally licks me head to toe, especially on my face.

Enjoy these photos of him. I will post more in the future. Happy, Healthy Life Sweet Puffy!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Warm Air, Ice-Cream and My Husband.

I love going out with my husband and doing fun stuff with him. A lot of our dates are simple. We drive up and grab something to eat, or maybe we just go for drinks and dessert, or like in this day we enjoyed an ice-cream (from Dairy Queen). And, then, if the day is beautiful and the sun is shining, we like to enjoy some sunshine, glee in the nature and perhaps walk outside for a little bit. =) This was the first day of June 2010, the first official month of Summer. It was a very special day for us both. We enjoyed each other's company to the max.

Here are just some photos from that day. Aren't they pretty? Enjoy. =)

Red, Navy & White, Plaid Button-Down Long Shirt: H&M.
Indigo Jean Leggings: Miley/Max (the colaboration of Miley Cyrus with designer Max Azria). 
Nude, Strappy Wedge Sandals Featuring a Big Butterfly: Payless.
Light Coral, Daisy, Stud Earrings: H&M.
Cognac Leather & Canvas Colorful Stripped Purse: Mansetti (Italy).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Wedding Attire: Red-Hot Classic Femme!!

One of the most popular things in my wardrobe is Dresses, especially fun, feminine and elegant Evening Dresses perfect for Cocktail Parties and Weddings. I have a huge collection of dresses, for any and all occasions and seasons, as well as in a variety of styles, prints and colors. The dominating colors when it comes to my dresses are Black, Red & White. I think every girl should own at least a couple of dresses in each of that color group.

This summer I had to attend several weddings. I think I did myself justice as well as I looked very presentable and quite nice (as a sign of both respect towards the bride and groom as well as a self-expression of my style & individuality) at these beautiful and joyful events. See & judge for yourself!!
For this wedding I chose a classic yet modern, strapless, knee-length style in my favorite color ever - Red. I chose this deep cherry red dress to wear at my Friend Anda's Wedding. I paired it with classic, satin nude little peep-toe pumps and a matching clutch. ;-) I wanted to stay in the gold family, so I chose to wear a couple of gold bracelets/bangles and simple but wow dangling gold earrings with Swarovski crystals.

As you can see I had blonde hair or rather caramel and strawberry highlights, but a lot of highlights. Even-though my base was a really dark brown, overall my hair appeared blonde-ish due to the highlights. I love the color. =) It softens me more and since I have very pale skin and light azure-gray/hazel eyes, it compliments them even more.
It was a fun coincidence how the way I dressed matched with the wedding colors which were burgundy/dark red and gold. I truly did not know those were her wedding colors. My dress was strapless like the bridesmaids' long dresses and in a similar color.

So I loved my attire for this wedding; I looked classic, classy, feminine and pretty. I love this dress with the big flapping "fishtail" ruffles. Plus red is one of my most favorite colors. The nude satin peep-toe pumps and matching clutch go with everything. I chose them for this wedding for an understated, elegant look with the dress and to pair them with my gold jewelry. =)

And here is a pretty photo of me and the Beautiful Bride Anda, who married her Prince Charming Ermal, on June 26th 2010. She looked like a Classic Beauty: Simple but Beautiful, totally her Personality.
I am ending this blog by posting some photos from the wedding which I shot like decorations desserts. Beautiful, fancy and sweet things: The Flowers, the Table Settings, the huge Dessert table featuring the Chocolate Fountain and Last but not Least the Pretty Wedding Cake!

A lovely photo of the Newlyweds Anda & Ermal with Myself. I love this pic.
Scalloped-Ruffled, Strapless, Silk, Deep Red Dress: The Limited.
Golden-Nude, Peep-toe Pumps & Matching Clutch: Baker's.
Gold + Silver Rhinestone Bracelet (left hand); Gold + Silver Rhinestone Dangly Earrings: Arden B.
Gold Bangles (right hand): Bebe.
Hair & Makeup: by My Cousin, My Sister Gloria B. (She did a great job and dolled me up, for sure.)