Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bohemian 70s Inspired Week: Suede Flares, Bell Sleeves, a Bow and a Hat.

I was so inspired to wear Bohemian and 70s-Inspired clothes lately, that I wanted to dress in the 70s era, just once more this week. I wore this outfit to breakfast out with a cousin yesterday. This outfit definitely has Boho, 70s and even some Country-style elements to it. It's a good thing the place we went to eat breakfast at, is a country-style restaurant lol. But, as a matter of fact I bought this hat from Forever 21 two weeks ago and I was dying to wear it. I almost wore it with this dress or with this dress but the way I styled those dresses the times I wore them, the hat didn't quite go. I love bow-tie blouses. Lately I have been inspired to try a collar blouse and tie a scarf around it as a big bow. I have seen this 70s trend pop into magazines, blogs I follow, Pinterest, ads I get sent to my e-mail from some of my favorite stores, etc. So I tied around a Long Silk Geometric-Print Scarf to my 70s/Boho Hot Pink Blouse with Puffy Bell Sleeves and to add another 70s element I paired them with these Flares which are a dark denim on the back and a patchwork cognac faux suede on the front. Lastly, I added this Bohemian Hat. I dressed up the whole look with my Gold Red Sole Pumps. I loved how the scarf tied all the outfit's colors together. Besides my Hat, I shopped my closet for everything else. So, with that said I am ending the Bohemian week with this outfit today. And of course I have Pink on to honor Breast Cancer Awareness. I am posting this today on Sunday night, a few hours before Monday linkup day, but go ahead and link up your Pink Outfits with me. Thank you.

Here is Stylish New Mom Rachel doing justice to the 70s by tying a Black Bow over her matching Black Blouse and she also has Camel Suede on the bottom, albeit a Mini Skirt.

I am also linking to the ladies of "The Creative Closet" for "Hats and Scarves".