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Bohemian 70s Inspired Week: Suede Flares, Bell Sleeves, a Bow and a Hat.

I was so inspired to wear Bohemian and 70s-Inspired clothes lately, that I wanted to dress in the 70s era, just once more this week. I wore this outfit to breakfast out with a cousin yesterday. This outfit definitely has Boho, 70s and even some Country-style elements to it. It's a good thing the place we went to eat breakfast at, is a country-style restaurant lol. But, as a matter of fact I bought this hat from Forever 21 two weeks ago and I was dying to wear it. I almost wore it with this dress or with this dress but the way I styled those dresses the times I wore them, the hat didn't quite go. I love bow-tie blouses. Lately I have been inspired to try a collar blouse and tie a scarf around it as a big bow. I have seen this 70s trend pop into magazines, blogs I follow, Pinterest, ads I get sent to my e-mail from some of my favorite stores, etc. So I tied around a Long Silk Geometric-Print Scarf to my 70s/Boho Hot Pink Blouse with Puffy Bell Sleeves and to add another 70s ele…