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Thursday Moda #86: Is it a Sweater, is it a Blouse?!

This outfit was worn exactly a week ago, on the evening of my brother's birthday. I love how effortless the combination of Deep Purple (in a shade of grape), Olive Green, Navy, Orange, a little Blush+Taupe and touches of Dark Red worked together. All of these colors are great for Autumn and even match the pretty foliage and leaves we are seeing everywhere in Michigan, these days. But let's focus on the star of this outfit first: the top. Is it a Sweater, is it a Blouse?! How about both. It is a knit on the front and a silky material on the back in a floral orange/burgundy pattern.
THE  MIXED  MEDIA  SWEATER. This sweater is by Loft, currently on clearance with an additional 40% OFF. I love the bow-tie detail on the sleeves and let's face it the mixing of the silky floral print and knit material is genius. They had this sweater in a black+white version and another color/pattern combo (this one) and an all-white monochrome mixed media sweater (here). They are all on sale for 5…