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Peachy, Poppy, Pretty!

Some titles are easy to come along. This has been such a week for me, coming up with Good Post Titles left and right & they have all come easily to my mind, and have all been great titles, too. I think this outfit has enough Peachy (the Skirt is a light Peach Color though the photos don't do justice to it), Poppy (the Red-Coral Flowers & Poppies of my Ruffly Tank Top) & Pretty (Girly, Fun, Colorful & Accessorized head to toe). To bring out the Pastel Peach of the Maxi Skirt (Gifted to me by my Sister-in-Law) I added my Newest Long Necklace with Aqua, Yellow, Peach & Ivory Pastel Beads. While my New Bracelets/Bangles mix & match both Pastels & Brights. Last but not least a slight Pattern-Mixing with my Floral & my Python (Flats). I wore this outfit to church Thursday Night where I took Vivian for the first time.  See, our Easter is this Sunday, as in tomorrow (I am Orthodox) so this is a big week of festivities for our church. I went with a friend of…