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The Warmest Oatmeal Sweater and Common Threads Linkup #3.

Welcome to the third week (and linkup - you can join it on the bottom of this post) of The Common Threads Challenge - an unique remixing challenge I am doing, joined by 5 other awesome bloggers. I have only posted 8 or 9 outfits from this challenge so far but IRL it is going strong. I had every intention of posting yesterday and doing a two-fer post today, but life got in the way. Between now and the next 3 weeks though, I will have a few two-fer posts here wearing my 5 awesome remixed pieces, and stay tuned because tomorrow's Thursday Moda post will be awesome! =)
THE  OUTFIT. So, I wore this outfit yesterday morning (I was off from work and worked from home, instead). I was wearing a different top with a cardigan in the morning when I dropped off Viv, but then I went to Kohl's where I purchased this lovely Oatmeal Sweater and as soon as I got home I switched into it, especially since it was cold. I love the laceup detail on this sweater, the length - perfect for leggings and t…