Friday, September 20, 2019

Fit+Flare, Full-Sleeve Fall Floral Frock.

It is the last weekend of Summer and it will be a hot one here in Michigan. Fall - September 23rd 2019 - starts on a Monday this year so I think that is a good, positive sign. I always like when something starts on a Monday. But next week is expected to be pretty warm around here too, temps from high 60s in the morning to mid 80s through the day. But, for you today, I have a...

How do you like that alliteration?! Fit+Flare, Full-Sleeve Fall Floral Frock. Try saying that three times in a row, fast. It is a tongue twister for sure. But back to the dress it has flowers in the perfect middle size and they are ivory and periwinkle against a dark maroon background. The material is a breathable light jersey blend. The sleeves are long. The colors are very Autumnal indeed. The style is a very flattering fit+flare. If this isn't the perfect Fall Frock I don't know what is, especially for early Fall. I kept the look simple and monochromatic by pairing it with other Fall colors: a Light Olive Green Saddle Crossbody Bag by Target and Super Soft Patent Leather Nude Ballet Flats. This adorable floral dress is by Loft and I have said it time and time on the blog, that the best floral dresses: mini, knee-length like this one, midi or maxi can always be found at Loft, for any season, including Fall. I will link some of my favorite similar current dresses from Loft on the widget at the bottom of this post(all on sale, too). I also linked many other pretty, floral, similar dresses with long sleeves in a flattering style and right above the knee length. If you don't own a similar dress, I suggest you add at least a similar one. While you are at it, add some nude ballet flats to your closet too because they are a classic item and go with everything! I have worn this dress to work and the way it is styled above is how I wore it on the first parent-teacher meeting at Vivian's school. I always like to look put-together in the afternoons for all of her school events. What do you think?! Do you like how I styled this dress for early Fall?!