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Casual, Sporty, Smart, Mom-Chic Outfit.

Truth be told - as you will be able to tell from the photos - this outfit is from last Fall. October 23rd to be exact. It is finally being blogged and I don't mind at all because it is a Casual, Sporty, Smart, Mom-Chic Outfit which would work for both Fall and Spring. I mean how can one go wrong with Grey, Black and Millennial Pink?! Neutrals at their best. They will always work together. As a matter of fact I wore this outfit last weekend too, except with my Nude Crossbody Leather Bag (last seen here), Cubic Zirconia Square Studs and my hair was down. The shoes, scarf, rings ans bracelet were still all the same. However it wasn't as sunny, just overcast. So I am glad I have these photos from 6 months ago, on a much sunnier day. Look at that green grass!
CASUAL,  SPORTY,  SMART,  MOM-CHIC  OUTFIT. I'd like to call this type of outfit a Casual, Sporty, Smart, Mom-Chic Outfit perfect for days off and weekends, especially if those days off and weekends off are spent running err…