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Currently, February 2017.

The first Wednesday of each month, the fabulous ANNE of Anne In Residence who has a great life+style blog, hosts a fun monthly linkup called "Currently". She comes up with 5 prompts (verbs) of what we are up to for that particular month and since this is February, some are cravings or love-related. Read on below as to what is expected of me to do this February 2017. Happy February you all!

packing:nothing, well nowhere to go at least soon so I am not packing for any vacation. But I do want to pack and have been packing away many clothes of mine and Vivian's that I am either giving away, getting rid of, donating or selling. The struggle is real: too many clothes, little time to wear them and little room for all of them.

jonesing:for a juicy piece of steak like a filet mign on with a zip butter sauce over it and some sweet baked potatoes on the side.Of course I would accompany it with a delicious glass (or two) of Cabernet or Pinot Noir. My mouth is watering as I am typing t…