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Purple Mix of Prints.

Good Morning All, how are you? I feel a little better today after swollen feet and hip/lower bottom pain yesterday. I don't think I am supposed to have my feet swollen this early still (I am 5 months pregnant) but tomorrow I am getting a test done and check it out. Maybe it will go away. I am hopeful. =) Despite the pain, I did get to sweep and mop most of my home yesterday and it felt good. We also got a new, stronger Internet company with a stronger, better connection. It will make it easier for when I use Skype and Magic Jack to talk with my family and friends in the US... and for downloading stuff. =P

In today's outfit, I kept the colors in the purple/magenta family and mixed prints. I have always wanted to mix floral with stripes but I don't think I had done it before. Maybe I had but didn't documentary it with a photo. My skirt isn't quite floral but it's the closest thing. It's like a painted water-color print. The ruffles on the collar of my button-…