Friday, May 30, 2014

Cargo Olive Skinnies - 2 Casual Looks and Mommy Talk.

Before we get to today's two outfits let's talk a little bit about real life. As a first-time Mom, everything I experience with Vivian is new to me. Of course I have done a lot of reading about babies and toddlers (before having her and after), talked to friends who have older kids, shared experiences with my mom, mom-in-law, aunts, etc. but every child is different. I have a lot of neighbors and friends who have children a year or two older than Vivian and almost all of them told me that kids get sick a lot, especially after they turn one. This is totally the case with Vivian. Fortunately, she almost never got sick the first 12 months of her life. Even when she took her 2-month, 4-month, 6-month shots etc. But then January hit and as soon as she turned one, she got sick really bad with a cold virus, high fever etc. It took her over two weeks to get better. As soon as she got a little better and we needed to have her take her 1-year shots, she got sick yet again, and then again and again. When we started her on daycare 2 months ago, she continued to get sick even more often, despite the fact that she goes there part-time, just 4 hours a day. Of course, our very unstable weather this whole year hasn't helped matters either. Since I myself have gotten sick 3 times, as well.

And now that she is teething badly, a lot of her new teeth coming out are accompanied by high fever, a bad cough, stuffed nose, etc. Poor little girl cannot catch a break. It is heart-breaking for me to see her ill and in pain. Due to not feeling well she has been cranky too, hasn't had as much energy and her appetite is very small. Two days ago, I got a phone-call from her teacher at the daycare, telling me she had been crabby, crying and in pain all day. So I had to pick her up early. I will tell you, I hated that phone-call. There is nothing worse than having practically a stranger (in a way) who takes care of your baby while on daycare, call you to tell you that your child is in pain. It is heart-breaking and difficult. Thankfully the daycare is a 4-minute walk distance from our home, just in the neighborhood. But what if I was at a job interview or something? My point is, experiencing your child being sick is very hard and it saddens my heart because all I want is for her to be happy and healthy. These last few days especially have been brutal. She is staying home till she gets better. As a matter of fact she is sitting on my lap as I type this. She still has some fever but is pretty low, thankfully. Sending your positive vibes our way so that she gets better and is back to feeling her spunky, energetic self full of life, is very much appreciated. And to all of you who have commented and e-mailed me, thank you so much. =) Speaking of E-Mail, I will try to get back to everyone's E-Mails hopefully no later than the beginning of next week.

Today's Twofer Outfits are very very simple but sometimes that is best, especially since they were worn grocery-shopping and making a pharmacy run in our neighborhood. I basically remixed my New Olive Green Cargo Pants (purchased in February) for a great deal of 5 bucks. I reached for them two days in a row, while it was a little chilly out. Comfort was key as I was running around like I said. First, they were paired up with my New Cream Sweatshirt w/ Lace on the front (purchased in March) for 10 bucks and my Gold Boat-Shoes which are such a Soft Leather. I added a Long, Silver Teardrop Pendant Necklace layered with my Short, Silver Peace Pendant Necklace. It is hard to tell but the Sweatshirt has the number 08 printed in the middle. The next day I paired them with a Bright Purple Button-down Shirt. This Light Knit Shirt from Gap I have had for many years. Both of these Outfits remind me of Inge since she has worn her Olive Green Pants with Soft Neutrals or Cream a few times, looking Casual-Chic. Also, lately Inge has shown us combinations of Olive with Purple and I loved how it looked. Lately, Cheryl paired her Olive Green Skinnies with Pink here and that is another combo I loved and will try in the future. Do you own a pair of Olive Green Cargo Skinnies? If so, how do you wear them? This is my second pair actually; I own some darker ones also.
Cognac, Real Leather, Skinny Belt w/ Gold Buckle: c/o a Local Accessories Boutique (very similar, on sale), (very similar, set of 2, great deal), (similar, set of 2, excellent deal).
Silver Chain Dainty Necklace w/ Small Pave"Peace" Pendant: Gift from my Mother-in-Law (from Turkey) (New) (very similar, sterling + cubic zirconia), (love this), (sterling silver, great deal).
Silver Chain Long Necklace w/ Teardrop, Black-Beaded Pendant: White House Black Market (WHBM this year's version, excellent deal + a great cause), (similar, best deal), (similar, great deal), 
Light Orange, Round-face, Quartz Watch: Gift from My Husband (New) (very similar, on sale), (similar 1), (similar 2, love this).
Light Peach Bangle w/ Silver Beads twisted around a Silk RibbonA Local Boutique (similar, set of bangles, best deal), (similar, set of bangles, great deal), (similar, genuine stones, on sale).
Cream, Lace-front, 3/4-Sleeve Sweatshirt: Sublevel (New) (very similar, great deal, love this), (similar, best deal), (similar, gorgeous option)
Olive Green Pants w/ Cargo Pockets: Sublevel (New) (similar, best deal), (similar, on sale), (similar, love these).
Gold, Soft Leather Boat Shoes w/ Buckle detail: St. John's Bay (JC Penney) (similar Sperry, great deal), (similar, love these), (smoking loafers, gorgeous option, best deal).

Oval-Shaped, Olive Green, Plastic Sunglasses: Old Navy (very similar), (similar, great deal).
Silver Chain Dainty Necklace w/ Small Pave"Peace" Pendant: Gift from my Mother-in-Law (from Turkey) (New) (very similar, sterling + cubic zirconia), (love this), (sterling silver, great deal).
Cognac, Real Leather, Skinny Belt w/ Gold Buckle: c/o a Local Accessories Boutique (very similar, on sale), (very similar, set of 2, great deal), (similar, set of 2, excellent deal).
Real Leather Turquoise, Logo Wallet/Small Clutch: Bebe (similar, on sale), (similar, SAVE), (similar, SPLURGE).
Sterling Silver Ring w/ Square Blue Stone in the middle surrounded by 3 tiny Silver Stones on each side: Kohl's (very similar, gorgeous option, great deal), (very similar, on sale), (similar, love this) - all options from Kohl's, just like mine (I love this ring).
Sterling Silver Ring w/ Oval Light Pink Stone: Express (very similar, gorgeous option from Kohl's), (similar, great deal), (similar, love this, on huge sale).
Olive Green Pants w/ Cargo Pockets: Sublevel (New) (similar, best deal), (similar, on sale), (similar, love these).
Purple, Cotton-Knit, Button-down Shirt: Gap (very similar, best deal), (similar. Portofino option, love this), (purple plaid, great deal).
Black, Round-Toe, Patent Leather, Ballet Flats: Steve Madden (similar), (great deal), (love these).

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nautical Blues and Boat Shoes.

Hello Ladies. Happy Thursday to you!! We are one day closer to the weekend. =)

Today's Outfit is also from the weekend (last Friday). Once again I reached for a Pencil Skirt and a Blouse. Back in my work days, my usual "uniform" was a Pencil Skirt (sometimes a Full Skirt) with a Pretty Blouse or Button-Down Shirt tucked in. Today's Skirt is a little shorter than a typical Pencil Skirt but it can work in more laid-back job places, especially in Outfits that sort of have a Casual vibe like I paired it today. I am glad to wear my New Pencil Skirt (that my closet was missing). This one has a Nautical Vibe because of the Gold Stud detail off each side, on the front. It is a Light Knit material and I can see it work year-around. The Button-down is like a Baby Blue/Periwinkle Color (looks more Lilac than Blue, at times) with White Pinstripes and the Cute little Ruffles around the High Collar. Adding to the Nautical aspect, I wore my Baby Pink Leather Boat Shoes (that look like Alligator Skin) and my New Gorgeous Elliot Lucca Bag which is Gold and picks up the pyramid studs of the Skirt. I just added some Navy Crystal Drop Earrings and I was done. How do you like this Outfit? Do you own a Navy Skirt? How have you worn it lately?
Long-Sleeve, Button-Down, Ruffled-Collar, Pinstripe White & Periwinkle Blouse: White House Black Market (similar 1), (similar 2), (soft dot option by WHBM).
Navy, Soft-Knit, Ribbed, Pencil Mini Skirt w/ Gold Pyramid Studs on the Front: A Local Boutique (New) (similar, ponte, on sale), (gorgeous mini w/ zipper on the front, on sale), (love this jeweled option, best deal).
Navy Crystal & Silver Rhinestone Beaded, Drop Earrings: Fred's Jewelry (similar, great deal), (similar, square navy w/ gold tone), (similar, circle navy w/ gold tone, love these).
Gold, Real Leather Hobo Bag w/ Quilted detail on the Front: Elliot Lucca (New) (very similar, great deal), (similar EL, white Summer option), (gorgeous MK option).
Baby Pink Leather "Faux Alligator" Boat Shoes: Micci Shoes (similar, best deal), (similar Sperry, on sale), similar Sperry moccasin, great deal).

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Also, next week, 2 of my Favorite New Bloggers Katie and Liz are doing a themed link-up all dedicated to Skirts. This Outfit featuring my New Favorite Pencil Skirt will be the first Outfit I link up. So make sure you join them next week and show off your Spring+Summer Skirts.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring Must Haves: Sandals and Wedges.

Good Morning Ladies. It is an Open-toe kind of day isn't it? That is exactly what Amy Ann and I decided to show you on our 4th installment of the Spring Must Haves: Sandals and Wedges. Because let's face it, they are a Spring Staple Footwear (and Summer, for that matter). So far for Spring we have covered Floral Prints, Statement Dresses and Trench Coats.

As a girl that loves shoes I own several Sandals and Wedges and today decided to show you a favorite pair of each. They are both Bright and Colorful. The Royal Blue pair has those Fun Neon Circle Decorations on the strap, while the Mustard Wedges have the Cutest bib-like Ruffles on the strap. Amy showed us a Very Versatile Tan/Brownish pair of Sandals and some Gorgeous Leopard Wedges - both worn with Cute, Versatile, Daytime Dresses.

For both of my Outfits I mostly let the Colors and/or Prints of my Clothes plus my Colorful Footwear be the focal point. First I color-blocked my Lilac Pencil Skirt with a Hi-lo Cobalt Blouse that has Cute little Silver Flowers splashed on the front. Simple Silver Drop Earrings and a couple of Bracelets were all I needed to accessorize with. Next, I wore a Black+Beige, Python-Print Dress featuring a Tulip-Style Skirt with the Mustard Wedges. A little Black Tank underneath kept the look more covered up for this Busy Mom. I accessorized with a Colorful, Neon Necklace and kept my hair away with a Flower Mustard Pony-Holder. These Outfits were both worn last weekend, the first one on Saturday and the other one on Sunday, both days spent out and about with Vivian and the Husband.
Cobalt, 3/4-Sleeve, Silky Blouse w/ tiny Silver Flower Embellishments on the front: Mango (New) (very similar), (cap-sleeve option, on sale), (lace option, great deal, love this).
Lilac, Sexy Pencil Skirt: London Girl Boutique (similar, on sale), (similar 2), (magenta option, great deal).
Silver, Sparkly, Globe Drop Earrings: Fred's Jewelry (very similar), (similar 1, gorgeous + great deal), (similar 2, best deal).
Mint+Gold, Twisted, Silk Ribbon Bangle: Viggos.
Lucite, Watercolor/Butterfly Bangle: Random Street Vendor.
Light Green, Plastic, Tiny Hair Claw: Random Street Vendor.
Silver, Thick, Intricate Chain Bracelet: Lord & Taylor (very similar), (similar w/ heart pendant), similar, best deal).
Electric Blue, Jelly Sandals w/ Neon Circle Decorations: Simple Shoes (similar, great deal), (similar 2), (similar 3).

Black+Beige, Short-Sleeve, Faux Wrap, Python-Print Dress (comes with the Black Belt): Express (very similar DVF), (very similar, best deal), (similar DVF, great deal).
Black, Seamless, Nylon-Stretch Tank Top: White House Black Market (exact, on sale - these tanks are fantastic, I have multiples in Black and in White plus several colors), (purple version by WHBM), (very similar, great deal), (similar, great deal).
Multi-Colored, Neon Statement Necklace w/ Tear-shaped Stones: A Local Boutique (similar Kate Spade, on sale), (love this, great deal), (gorgeous bib necklace).
Silver, Thick, Intricate Chain Bracelet: Lord & Taylor (very similar), (similar w/ heart pendant), similar, best deal).
Mustard Flower Ponytail Holder: A Local Accessories Boutique (flower crown option, love this).

So, do you like how I wore my Sandals and Wedges? Have you purchased any new Sandals and/or Wedges this season? Show Us!!

Also, Amy and I saw a couple of Trench Coats we loved from bloggers, last week. We both loved how RACHEL of Rachel the Hat styled her Classic Beige Trench over a Gorgeous Red Dress. Check her out at Amy's Blog, today. A personal favorite of mine was the look below by LONDYN of BlogFashion.
This Beautiful Mom-to-Be belted her Classic Plaid Trench over a Chambray Shirt and Black Slacks. The Color-blocked Black+Tan Pumps were the icing on the cake.

Sorry, I am posting kind of late, but I am dealing with a sick little girl once again. Between her teething (she got 3 new teeth in just 9 days), a bad cough and the weather going from chilly mornings to hot daytime temperatures to cool nights, poor Vivian cannot catch a break. =( Please pray she gets better soon. She has had enough medicine and antibiotics this year. Thanks so much for keeping her in your prayers - appreciated!!

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Safari Prints.

In today's outfit I am mixing prints, Wild Prints that remind me of a Safari (hence the title "Safari Prints") but they are both sort of muted and the colors compliment each-other. The B+W Pencil Skirt is definitely Animalistic but in an abstract kind of way. It is one of my many lovely pencils I have from The Limited. The Blouse is a Mint Color with Small Black Tigers all over it. Last I wore it for Winter and I am glad to wear it again for Spring because it is a cool linen-blend material and I love the fact that it has 3/4-length, almost-elbow sleeves as I find the length on these sleeves very versatile, year around. Because the morning was a little chilly I added my Tailored Olive Green Blazer. The Pretty Jewelry in Earthy Green+Gray tones pick up the Colors of both the Top and the Blazer. Those Earrings & the Bracelet are mixed+matched quite well. And for this busy Mom, a pair of Cute Black Patent Leather Ballerinas, finished off my styling. If I were to take this Outfit to the office, I would switch to my Black Patent Leather Pumps instead, though the Flats work too. Vivian's Outfit is mostly Mint+White too. The natural light coming inside was a bit much so I do apologize about the pictures, sorry. Do you own anything Safari-printed? How have you worn it lately? Do you like how I mixed, Black, White, Mint & Olive together?
Silver Chain Dainty Necklace w/ Small Pave"Peace" Pendant: Gift from my Mother-in-Law (from Turkey) (New) (very similar, sterling + cubic zirconia), (love this), (sterling silver, great deal).
Drop Earrings w/ tiny Silver/Black/White Beads & Circle Olive-Green Sea Pearl: White House Black Market (very similar, best deal), (similar, love these), (similar, fresh-water pearl, great deal).
Black, Olive Green and Gray, Multi-Stoned, Big Mosaic, Stretchy Bracelet: A Christmas Gift from a Friend, 2 years ago (very similar), (gorgeous option, love this), (stunning cluster option, great deal).
Mint, 3/4-Sleeve, Silk-Rayon Blouse w/ Black Tiger Print: Mango (very similar, great deal), (mint, 3/4-sleeve blouse), (mint floral, love this).
Olive Green, Cotton-Blend, Tailored Blazer: Banana Republic (very similar, on sale), (similar 1), (similar 2), (camo version).
Black+White, Leaf Print, Pencil Skirt: The Limited (very similar, great deal), (similar, on sale), (similar, best deal)  .
Black, Round-Toe, Patent Leather, Ballet Flats: Steve Madden (similar), (great deal), (love these).

Vivian's Outfit:
Mint, Fleece, Jumper Dress w/ Pastel-Colored Dogs: Carter's.
White, Long-Sleeve Tee w/ Tiny Gray Polka Dots (comes with the Mint Dress): Carter's.
White Tights w/ Mint Mary Jane Footies (comes with the Mint Dress Outfit as a 3-piece set): Carter's.
Navy Blue w/ Hot Pink Polka Dots & Lace, Bear-shaped Hair Clip: DIY by Me.
Navy, Patent Leather Shoes: Bacci Bimbi.

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Also, I am working on a review/recap post for my 30 for 30 challenge. I promise I will have it done before May is over - better late than never. Stay tuned and Thank you for Reading!!

Enjoy your Memorial Day Monday!!

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