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ERIEn't You Beautiful, Michigan?! (A Quick History of Michigan.)

I first moved to Michigan with my parents and brother, as a teenager, back in June of 1997. Here we are 22 years later and I am still lucky and happy to call Michigan - my home. Michigan is otherwise known as the Great Lakes State. And due to Detroit being the Motor City, Michigan is also known as the state of cars and the auto industry. Indeed Michigan is quite unique among the states in that it is divided into two distinct geographic sections, the Upper peninsula, and the Lower peninsula. Lake Michigan lies between both of these two peninsulas. The Upper peninsula is very sparsely populated, more than 90% of the peninsula being forested. The Lower peninsula contains the cities, the city life, the industry, the typical American suburban neighborhoods, the huge majority of the jobs and the agriculture. The Upper and Lower Peninsulas were connected in 1957 with the construction of Big Mac, otherwise known as the Mackinac Bridge. With 3,177 miles of Great Lakes shoreline it is easy to s…