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Dressing Up Black Shorts for Day and Night.

Despite having a lot, a loooot of clothes and trying to give them all (or at least most of them) a chance to be worn, my everyday style and life-style is a lot about remixing what I have in my closet, as well. During Summer, especially as a SAHM, one item I am wearing often is a pair of Shorts. You have seen me wear my Shorts in several Casual Outfits this Summer. But lately I took my Black Dressy Shorts and decided to match them with Dressy Tops as well. I came up with a Day Look and an Evening Look, which were both worn sometime last week. I forgot to photograph my bag but I carried the same Black Purse which had a small shoulder strap not a cross-body (similar to this or this). So instead of a "Mom Wear to Work Wear" post this week, I am showing you this Remix Post of Dressing Up my Black Shorts. This pair is from The Limited. They are a Light Wool-blend. They don't keep you hot at all. They have the crease on the front of each leg and a tab waist with 3 buttons. I al…