Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Monochromatic Heather Gray.

Goodmorning. I have such a work-heavy day today but I figured I should squeeze in one post before I start my work day. I am taking a minute to Thank all of my new followers, readers and fans, too. Also, the ones that follow me through their e-mail addresses not just Google Friend Connect. I had someone contact me yesterday through E-Mail asking me questions on what to wear to two Fall Weddings, one next weekend and the other one the last weekend of November. She has seen what I have worn to some of the weddings I have attended and really liked my choices. And speaking of weddings, this week I will bring you the outfit I wore to a wedding I had earlier this summer. I hope I can help anyone for inspiration. Thanks again. =)

In today's outfit I am wearing Gray head to toe - a color I don't wear that often but I should, because it is a soft, beautiful, muted color and besides camel or beige, is one of my favorite neutrals. These pants and this top are almost the same exact shade of Heather Gray. And Gray always looks great with Lavender or Purple so I wore my new, magnetic Lavender necklace I purchased a month ago while we vacationed by the beach... for 2 bucks. I love great deals. I dressed up the look with my fabulous beaded wedges, since I had no makeup and just a ponytail, otherwise. Ohh and this was worn to work last Friday. =)

Sleeveless, Grayish-Blue, Crew-Neck Tee w/ Ruffles on the Shoulders: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Sky Blue/Grayish, Cropped, Casual Pants: Old Navy.
Long, Beaded Lavender Necklace w/ Magnetic Oval & Skinny-Square, Magnetic, Glass Stones: Street Vendor.
Black Handbag w/ Orange Palettes off the Sides & Beige Part on the Bottom + Black & Yellow Silky Leopard Purse Scarf: Both Purchased in Tirana (for a great deal).
Dark Silver, Thong-Wedge, Beaded Sandals w/ Black, Gray & Silver Beads: Nine West.
P.S. I am linking today's outfit with Thirty Five Designs Casual Friday, since this is a casual work look worn on a Friday.