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Black Sequined Glamour for New Year's Eve.

Happy first Monday of 2016 to everyone! I hope your first weekend of this New Year was nice, loving and relaxing! Mine was very uneventful and totally laid-back. I totally planned on writing out and posting this yesterday but besides a little relaxing, I was occupied taking care of some things for work and getting ready for this new week and a new year and I also did some organizing and cleaning in our bedroom. This morning, Vivian and I woke up super early. It is a snow day here, and a cold one at that. My mom had a problem with one of her tires so I went out and helped her so she made it to work on time, then Vivian and I took a long 2-hour nap and then had breakfast. So here I am, it is now lunch-time and I am finally getting around to this post. But if you missed my first recap of the year we left behind, you can catch up with that. There will be a second recap tomorrow and then a Currently post on Wednesday.
This outfit was worn on December 30th. My work-place had a laid-back Sec…