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Third Thursday Thoughts and Quotes #4.

Hey Y'all. Once upon a time, sometime in the Spring of this year I started a brand-new monthly series titled "Third Thursday Thoughts and Quotes", probably not the smartest thing for me to do on the blog on Thursdays though, since Thursdays are the days for my Fashion Linkup too and the linkup also started the very first week of March (March 2nd), this year. Anyhow, the idea behind it is to post on the third Thursday of the month - a post full of thoughts (that come to me in the moment) and a few favorite quotes. I have been very bad at keeping up with it mostly because Thursdays have been dedicated to Thursday Moda (you can link up your latest style posts here by the way). But as you have noticed from the last couple of months, I think having the linkup go Live on Thursday's Eve (Wednesday nights at 8.00 PM Eastern time, usually) has worked best for me and I will continue with this schedule.

- Anyhow, today you get a brain dump from me, being September 15th, the midd…