Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Mean Girls.

First of all Happy First (official) Day of Spring!! I hope it was sunny, bright and happy for you guys. It was definitely sunny and warm around here. Vivian and I enjoyed lots of sun outside, today.

Secondly, I am having a heart-to-heart with you gals today (whoever reads this blog - which apparently is more people than I thought), because there was a particular (mean) comment on yesterday's post that brought to my attention the fact that I had a whole topic dedicated to this little blog of mine on GOMI (Get Off My Internets). I had actually heard about the existence of such sites but never seen or read one. Anyway, this site takes MEAN, UGLY, CONDESCENDING to a whole other level.

I guess when you have a "Style" Blog which is open not private, you put yourself out there just like with everything else on the internet these days, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It takes guts to post everyday photos of even not-perfect outfits or super casual clothes you throw together, and post them on the internet for strangers to see. You must have thick skin. And usually mean comments do not phase me too much, though as a child I used to be very sensitive. You can discuss my outfits, lack of style, the way I pose, my house, whatever and however much you like but leave my child out of it. For one person to say that I use her as a prop is a bunch of BS. I think, like most females (especially those that are moms) I love pictures, especially those of my little girl. And for some of these people to say that I leave like 1000 comments a day to random blogs is totally not true, also. Depending on how busy I am that day I stop by 8-25 blogs daily. I read about 8-10 blogs on a daily basis and I comment on those girls' blogs very regularly because they are the ones whose fashion sense and styles are more similar to my lifestyle.

It is funny that the people writing this on a forum can say that about me, when some of them have left at least 5-6 comments on that topic alone regarding my blog. The sarcastic part is that this website is called "Get Off My Internets" yet these people are not getting off my little blog, going through archives, reading anything and everything and saying that they detest my style, the way I write, etc, etc. But what can one expect from someone nicknamed "Snarky Bee" or "Electric Sex Pants"?  I guess if it makes them feel better to talk shit about people they DO NOT KNOW IN REAL LIFE at all, then so be it. I am in 'good company' because this website has entire topics dedicated to so many awesome bloggers (some of which I follow and support) as well as several big name bloggers. So I guess I have "made it" after all in this blogging world, since my blog made it to this list!  LOL

Do I think I am a great blogger or the most stylish? Hell no. Do I think I am un-stylish? Also a strong no. Yes, I am one of those REAL women who even post their not-so-flattering outfits or their best ones (yesterday's Military Jacket with my Red Cords is an example of that). You win some, you lose some. We can't look chic every day, just like we don't wake up in a good mood every day. But I will wear my Bird Sweater and my Fox Sweater as many times as I please. I actually happen to love both of those 2 Outfits that were made fun of, in the forum. This is my blog. I will write whatever I want, post whatever Outfits I want, post as many pictures I want and talk about my daughter as much as I want. If you don't like it, no one is twisting your arm to read it. I will much rather have 10 people follow me because they like the content of this blog than have a 1000 who pretend to like me. I always appreciate and value honesty followed by constructive criticism. I won't tolerate people being mean just for the sake of being mean. Snarky people can take their snarky selves off my blog!

To wrap it up, I titled this post "The Mean Girls" because I do believe that most of the people writing on this forum come from women (unfortunately). They make me to be the desperate one who has no life where all they do is check out everyone's blogs and find something to hate, dislike or criticize about it. So make fun of me all you want if that makes you feel better. I will still sleep just fine at night. I will finish this long-worded post with a saying from Eleanor Roosevelt "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people." And a photo from Vivian because she is the reason that makes me happy and blessed every day.

P.S. Stay tuned tomorrow for another Style Swap - that is only if you like seeing what I have "to sell". It's fine if you don't also. Have a Great Thursday Night and Thank You for reading!! Ada. =)