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Oscars 2017 - My Picks for Best and Worst Dressed.

Over the last 3 years or so, I have recapped my favorite and least favorite (best, worst and on the fence) fashions at the major Award Shows such as Emmy's, SAG Awards, Oscars and Golden Globes. The thing is I start off full-speed every January and then I get busy and forget to review the award shows like I did last year. This year I have had a busy work season so far and haven't done any of these posts yet, until now. But, we are already half-way through March and the award season has been in full bloom. The Golden Globes, SAG Awards, People's Choice Awards, Grammy's and of course the Academy Awards  have already taken place and today I am recapping the most glamorous red carpet of them all: The Oscars 2017.

Below I have my picks/choices for Best Dressed, Worst Dressed and the ones I am on the fence about. I will also mention the Best Trends we saw this year at the Oscars. But before we see my picks, I wanted to say that I wasn't really wowed that much by anyone th…