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The Holiday Series 2018, Holiday Home Tours (Part One).

It is late afternoon and I finally finished editing the photos from today's post. I am getting around to posting the Holiday Home Tour (finally). But in my defense these posts are very much time-consuming. As a matter of fact, today I am sharing only part one of my Holiday Home Tour. This is part of The Holiday Series 2018 Collaborations I am doing with my blogging friends. There were supposed to be 9 of us total today, but life happens and some of the ladies either hadn't decorated or hadn't had a chance to take their photos. I snapped all these photos on Sunday, Today, for part one, I am sharing the main and most decorated area of our home - our living room or family room. This is also the area where our Christmas Tree stands and where we have our mantle. I will go in details below about how I have decorated this year.

Meanwhile, here is a sneak peak into all of our homes and how we all decorated this year. =) I love how different everyone's homes look, yet all so cut…