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Gray Skirt with Mustard Leafy Top.

Hello All and Happy Saturday. I am having a lazy day off and spending it at home, mostly in bed. I should go out and enjoy the sun but I am feeling a little bit under the weather so I caught up on "The Bachelor" and I am now listening to Coldplay (one of my favorite bands), while blogging. I plan on doing some work at home after this blog and cook some late lunch/dinner.

As you all know I am a girly girl at heart and I love Dresses. I truly heart dresses, as I have mentioned in several posts, like here. But I also love skirts. I have an affinity for skirts, especially pencil skirts. They are so versatile and I adore wearing them to the office, especially. Just in the last week and a half I purchased 8 skirts (all under 20$ each). The gray skirt below with the zippered pocket detail in the front, is one of them. I am currently looking to add a few more skirts to my wardrobe. I have mentioned it in several posts and comments to the other bloggers, that I want to add some brigh…